Who is Kapwon?


Q. How would you describe your style of Hip Hop?

Abstract I guess, because I approach things from a slightly dif­fer­ent angle to a lot of artists out there. I am not try­ing to get a mil­lion views or a record deal with some para­sit­ic label. I am try­ing to bring some­thing to the table to make people think and get a bit of edu­ca­tion through the music, so it is not just for enter­tain­ment. My music serves a spe­cif­ic pur­pose to raise the vibra­tion of the people and remind them of things which were swept under the car­pet for a very spe­cif­ic reason.

Q. How power­ful do you think Hip Hop is with­in the con­text of fight­ing against the powers that oppress us? 

Extremely power­ful and, in my opin­ion, still the only genre which has held onto its
raw polit­ic­al edge. The powers that oppress us are very scared of Hip Hop and that is why they have made a very big effort to attempt to infilt­rate and cor­rupt the mes­sage of Hip Hop and see it watered down into some plastic rub­bish as we see in the likes of Young Money, Rick Ross and the rest of these actors

Q. Through­out your music you make quite a lot of ref­er­ences to spir­itu­al­ity. What does spir­itu­al­ity mean to you and how big of a part does it play in your life? 

Well I do not really know what spir­itu­al­ity is but I just fol­low my heart and the signs. Every­one has their own signs and they are laid out in front of you to assist you in your path and learn­ing. It takes an obser­v­ant mind to notice them but they are there and that is what I fol­low. I do not really prac­tice spir­itu­al­ity, I mean I med­it­ate and do a lot of men­tal and inner work, but that is just nat­ur­al. You know, you clean your room, you clean your face, you clean your dog, so why would you not clean you mind? Yeah, to sum it up, I just fol­lowed the signs and it got me here, so it would be ignor­ant if I did not give cred­it to the uni­verse in my work. Give thanks and praise!

Q. You also do a lot of art work. What is the con­nec­tion between your music and your art work? 

I am just a vehicle for the vibra­tion that comes over the air­waves. I then record it with art, poetry or music. Before this I used to spray my mes­sage on walls and any oth­er sur­faces and if I was not doing art or music, then it would be com­ing in some oth­er form. They are just tools for record­ing the mes­sage and my mes­sage, as I am sure any­one that knows me under­stands, is quite simple- that we are all one and part of a col­lect­ive con­scious­ness, regard­less of polit­ic­al, reli­gious or any oth­er divi­sion and that we have been lied to about everything from day one. On top of that, before day one, there was a whole time before this that they failed to tell us about and nobody seems to want to talk about. That is my mes­sage there.

Q. You have set up a pro­ject called Free Your Mind. For the people read­ing this that do not know what this is about, could you please explain what this is and what your aims are?

‘Free Your Mind’ is a pro­ject star­ted by a group of like-minded artists, musi­cians and act­iv­ists. The name ‘Free Your Mind’ applies to extract­ing the mind of an indi­vidu­al out of the pris­on cre­ated by soci­ety and oth­er tools which act­ively seek to keep the mind closed and shut off from cer­tain areas of think­ing. The aim is very simple, to encour­age self-belief  and to spread con­scious energy, be it in the form of art, music, poetry, pub­lic speak­ing or any oth­er means to bring about an increase in the aware­ness of those around you. We are build­ing a web­site now and will be hold­ing events as soon as things are running.

Q. What are you cur­rently work­ing on? 

Wow, I am work­ing on a lot! I do not do things by halves, trust me on that. I am build­ing web­sites for Kapwon­artist and Free Your Mind, record­ing Akash­ic records part 2, teach­ing graf­fiti work­shops in the com­munity, host­ing the Guer­rilla Repub­lik UK event this month in March and the Street Cypher after­wards. I run a t‑shirt print­ing busi­ness and do a lot of private com­mis­sions of sac­red geo­metry and polit­ic­al art­work so that helps to keep me busy as well. So I am work­ing on quite a lot. Oh, and some oth­er stuff, but I can­not tell you about that yet. Just watch this space! I have built myself a nice found­a­tion now and this year I plan to build on that and keep it mov­ing!!! Peace.

If you want to know more about Kapwon make sure you check out www.kapwonartist.co.uk

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Arash Sharifi

Arash has been pas­sion­ate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, edu­cate and empower people to become bet­ter ver­sions of them­selves and help and sup­port their com­munity and oth­ers. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teach­er to us all.

About Arash Sharifi

Arash has been passionate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, educate and empower people to become better versions of themselves and help and support their community and others. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teacher to us all.

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