Interview With A Pioneer: UK Hip-Hop Chat With...
Q. What first made you get involved in Hip-Hop? Where there any artists that influ­enced you
Introducing MC Angel (@mcangeluk)
Q. You star­ted as a poet per­form­ing at Lon­don’s Soho Theat­er. What then lead you to
Interview With JUICE ALEEM (@AleemSaRaSun) !
Q. You have been in the Hip Hop industry for quite a long time, how has
Get To Know Grieves! (@Grievesmusic)
We are very excited to intro­duce to you the Seattle-based rap­per, Grieves, who emerged in 2007
The Painter of Dreams: Interview With Demar...
The Paint­er of Dreams: Break­ing Bound­ar­ies Through Art  Anoth­er branch of art is being grown on
Interview With Ukweli Roach (@UkweliRoach) From...
Breakin’ Con­ven­tion is the UK’s fest­iv­al of Hip Hop dance theatre, present­ing dance by com­pan­ies...
Interview With The Legendary Boots Riley...
Boots Riley is what we would label a hip-hop legend.  As lead vocal­ist of The Coup
Interview With The Scribes! (@TheScribes)
Q. What are the most import­ant val­ues as a group you hold that have helped you
The Man Behind The Music — An Interview With I...
Q. What made you get into hip hop? From a very young I’ve been into music
Interview With Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent And Red...
Q. Peace and Much Love… How are you today? Apollo Brown: Hey man… I’m good, I
After the release of his recent video Astro­nomy, I am Hip-hop Magazine got an exclus­ive inter­view
Kickin’ It With TY (@tymusic) !
Q. What made you get into Hip Hop? I think i stumbled into hip hop before