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Q. What lead you to pick up the mic and start rap­ping?

I used to rap a little back in the day, at the col­lege gates. A bit of hype talk with a dash of real­ness thrown in. Noth­ing super tasty or whole­some. Just sweets! I had no real character/personality or agenda as such. I wrote a little, but rap was some­thing that just faded away. I went to NASS Sports Fest in 2010 and for the first time there was a little hip hop stage. I jammed there, enjoyed the moment and fell in love with hip hop again. By now I’d matured as per­son and had a lot to express and share. I star­ted writ­ing and record­ing in 2011 and here we are.

Q. How has the sup­port from oth­er male mcs been? Do you feel they treat you dif­fer­ently from male mc’s?

The sup­port from every­one has been great. I can­’t say there’s been any dif­fer­ence regard­ing male/female in terms of sup­port or the way I’ve been treated; apart from the fact that some feel obliged to bring up the fact I am female lol. I guess people may be a little more enthu­si­ast­ic towards hear­ing my music just because it seems there are few­er female artist in the scene.… but were defi­antly about! Lurk­ing in the shad­ows, wait­ing to pounce like the lion­esses we are haha. Na we are defi­antly about, just keep a lookout!

Q. Most of your tracks have a polit­ic­al mes­sage. Why did you choose to go down this route with your music?

I can not say it was inten­tion­al. I just rap about what I feel or what I feel to share. I think all music is polit­ic­al, wheth­er you are rap­ping about the gov­ern­ment, social issues or going out on the lash. I guess some artists are aware that their con­tent is polit­ic­al and oth­ers are not. Maybe the ones who are aware are more inclined to inten­tion­ally dis­cuss polit­ics with the intent of rais­ing aware­ness or shar­ing com­mon con­cerns. Those who are unaware that music can have a polit­ic­al found­a­tion and implic­a­tions, may be more pre­dis­posed to pro­mote mater­i­al­ism, van­ity and ego. It’s all polit­ics.

Q. How do you plan what you are going to rap about in a track? Do you have a set meth­od on each track or does it vary from track to track?

It alters each time. The intens­ity of struc­ture fluc­tu­ates. Some­times I get super meth­od­ic­al and take a top­ic I’ve had in mind and bul­let point cer­tain issues I want to throw in, maybe jot a rough struc­ture and then work from there. Or I might have fin­ished read­ing an inter­est­ing book and I’ll use some of the notes, (yes I am nerd and take notes) to cre­ate some­thing. Oth­er times it’ll be real organ­ic. I might have a little 2–4 bar rhyme in my head when I’m out and about and see where it goes (and how much I can remem­ber) or I’ll jot it down and get back to it when I’m home and just go with the flow. No pun inten­ded, but it’s nice when it hap­pens.

Q. Apart from rap­ping are there any oth­er parts of hip hop that you are involved in?

I like to spray play. Blank walls are tan­tal­iz­ing. I like to mix some­times when I’m vibing at night. Do not expect me to be rock­ing a set any­time soon. I skate some­times, wish it was more. Now I have moved to Lon­don that is def­in­itely on the line up. A lot might not class skat­ing as hip hop but for me, and oth­ers, it def­in­itely is. It was what intro­duced to real hip hop in the first place. Most import­antly, the vital parts peace, love, unity and hav­ing fun – I am involved in all!

Q. What can we expect from Oracy in the future?

Expres­sion, pro­gres­sion can not say I’ve got a dir­ect dir­ec­tion. (Unin­ten­tion­al but inev­it­able rhym­ing). I’ve released a fair few col­lab­or­a­tions now so try­ing hard to get a solo pro­ject sor­ted. I’ve got a couple tracks done and top­ics and beats ready. Just enjoy­ing and going through the motions. As yet it’s untitled but soon come 😉 I’ve got a couple tracks being released soon to look out for.

Respect for the inter­view and shouts to every­one who’s enjoy­ing my music and shar­ing with me. Thanks to every­one that sup­ports and shows love. I am grate­ful. Love back.

Oracy x


Arash Sharifi

Arash Shari­fi

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Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi

Arash has been pas­sion­ate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, edu­cate and empower people to become bet­ter ver­sions of them­selves and help and sup­port their com­munity and oth­ers. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teach­er to us all.

About Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi
Arash has been passionate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, educate and empower people to become better versions of themselves and help and support their community and others. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teacher to us all.

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