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Akala Knowledge Is Power Tour

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Knowledge Session: Who was Olive Morris?...

Olive Mor­ris. Com­munity Lead­er; Equal­ity Cam­paign­er; Polit­ic­al Act­iv­ist.  Born: 1952. Jamaica. Died: 1979, Lon­don. Olive Mor­ris moved from Jamaica to Eng­land in the 1960s and the fam­ily lived in South Lon­don where she was to… Read more

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Verse Essential ‘Freedom Is Mine’

Queen’s (New York) own Verse Essen­tial returns with the fol­low up to his well received ‘Ingeni­ous’ album, his latest offer­ing, ‘Free­dom Is Mine’ is a pro­ject for the pur­ist. Hav­ing pre­vi­ously worked with under­ground main­stays such as Access Immor­tal, Juk­sta­pose, Sad­at… Read more

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