Introducing Fernquest ( @fernquestmusic )with ‘Know No Other’

22 year old record­ing artist from South Wales, Fernquest, has evolved and adap­ted in a big way since his under­ground MC battle days. Pre­vi­ous col­lab­or­a­tions with Inter­na­tion­al House DJ Dar­ren Bailie (Guru Josh Pro­ject),Dub Fx (World Loop­sta­tion Cham­pi­on), Dirty Goods (Neces­sary Records), have giv­en the oppor­tun­ity for Fernquest to explore/experiment with many dif­fer­ent music­al styles. ”Fernquest X Eaton — This Gen­er­a­tion EP ” — soon to be released as a free down­load - Fernquest is cross pol­lin­at­ing his grime style; push­ing and break­ing genre boundaries. 

Shows com­ing up : Boomtown Fest­iv­al — UK —  W/ Snareo­phobe 
 Aug 8th-11th
Jam­min Fest­iv­al — Lithuania                          Aug 23rd-25th



 Dirty Goods X Fernquest — Know No Oth­er *Lyr­ics*

Because I know no oth­er, this is my day-to-day life
The drum, the beat, the street, the mic, musics the thing that helps me get by
Believe me, I’ll stand up tall and give it my all, cos I aim to rise not fall
Don’t spend hours of your day­time wor­ry­ing, if you got noth­ing to lose at all
See me, I’ve got noth­ing to lose, apart from this air that I breath
‘Til then I’m trapped in the zoo with the rest of the anim­als, yeah, I’m try­ing to break free
Help me, it feels like a trapped cage and my minds full of anger, rage
Wish that my dream would go the oth­er way, leave me be, let me turn a new page cos
I’ve got no time to waste time, I stay busy with the pen I’ve got a great mind
See these days no I can­’t go without listen­ing to a little bit of UK grime
Became part of my life, swear down my right hand starves for this mic
No I can­’t tell no porky pies cos the guys in my ends all know what I’m like, so
Any­thing that you want, you can get, just put your­self to the test
And any­thing you believe that you can achieve, try, you will succeed 
And if you don’t suc­ceed, then you know that you got to go and try again
And if you ever get down low, pick up your chin and put your head to the sky again.
(Chor­us x 3)
Know No Oth­er, I got noth­ing to lose you know I gave it my all, I gave it my all
We say that we do, but no we don’t, yeah you know its ok we both know what we want
Know No Oth­er, bet­ter if you only, Know No Oth­er, its bet­ter if you only
Say that we do, but no we don’t, yeah you know its ok we both know what we want
Cuz its true that I came from the bot­tom, the streets are rotten
A lot of guys turn into alck­ies end up for­got­ten, under­age kids got the atti­tude, “There’s the police man, FFF um
But thats just the coun­cil life where kids wanna role with their swiss army knives 
An’ we got young girls who are kids hav­ing kids and there doing all this because their par­ents thought it was right.
So I turned to the music life, picked up a pad and a pen and thought ok write
I’m gonna invest in a mic and a few instru­ment­als I like
Next thing I know I was liv­ing the stu­dio life, where the mac is the meal, the mic is the wife
Feel’s like I mov­ing right, money from music, got to be lost in sight so
I carry on improv­ing and I know no oth­er so I keep on moving
Musics the life that I’m choos­ing, aim for the first place cos you know I can­’t start losing
Cos I aim to break free in this industry and this right here is the key
And I Know I aint speak­ing for myself so if you feel the same then come and fol­low me.


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Lana Bell

Author / Poetry Edit­or at I Am Hip-Hop 
Lana Bell, is an eight­een year old Lon­don­er who is based in Bris­tol. She is an emer­ging Spoken Word Artist, and the Poetry Edit­or for I Am Hip-Hop Magazine. She has been writ­ing for a dec­ade; though she has only been per­form­ing on from the age of fif­teen. She got into Hip-Hop music at four­teen, and she found a massive interest in Old Skl Sounds and the out­let that Hip-Hop music offered her.

About Lana Bell

Lana Bell, is an eighteen year old Londoner who is based in Bristol. She is an emerging Spoken Word Artist, and the Poetry Editor for I Am Hip-Hop Magazine. She has been writing for a decade; though she has only been performing on from the age of fifteen. She got into Hip-Hop music at fourteen, and she found a massive interest in Old Skl Sounds and the outlet that Hip-Hop music offered her.

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