International/national Hip Hop artist Rhyme Assas­sin con­tin­ues to leave fans on the edge of their seats with upcom­ing single “Run Em Up (Told Ya).” Assas­sin is well-known for link­ing with legends in the game and this track is no excep­tion; the record fea­tures the icon­ic M.O.P along with Ruste Juxx. Tap in below for some scoop on the soon to be released single.



MJ: You’re back with brand new music, still shar­ing mics with legends of the game. This time around for your new single, drop­ping every­where April 19th, you have M.O.P and Ruste Juxx in “Run Em Up (Told Ya)” with pro­duc­tion by Arci­type. How did this link-up come into play?

Rhyme Assas­sin: Approx­im­ately 2 years ago I pur­chased a few beats from the Arci­type and when I heard the beat, I used for Run Em Up all I could hear on it was M.O.P crush­ing the instru­ment­al so when I con­sidered a fea­ture it had to be M.O.P. It took me some time to get the fea­ture in place but super excited it worked out.

MJ: From the cov­er, we can already assume there will be grit­ti­ness, tough bars, and even some intim­id­a­tion. Without giv­ing too much away before April 19th, talk about the concept of the record.

Rhyme Assas­sin: All I can say it’s grimy and gritty, with raw bars and meta­phors at the same time. It will have your head nod­ding like crazy. A spe­cial shout out to Arci­type, I told him the dir­ec­tion I wanted to take with the song, and he didn’t take long to whip out his bag of son­ic magic tricks. He sent a beat that matched the exact mood I was aim­ing at, exactly what the song needed. It’s gonna be crazy every­body gotta keep the 19th clear for “Run Em Up.”

MJ: Why M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for the fea­tures?

Rhyme Assas­sin: Well, I have been always a fan of M.O.P and they are legends in the game so it’s an hon­or to have them on the same track. That’s why the open­ing was “I am on a track with legends”.  Like I explained earli­er they bring the right energy that the beat needed, and they anni­hil­ated the track with punch­lines and meta­phors. Juxx is a vet­er­an MC and I worked with him on a few tracks, and he poses great skills and energy that would com­ple­ment M.O.P on the same track, so I felt he would be the per­fect match.

MJ: Is this record lead­ing fans and audi­ences into some­thing forth­com­ing from you?

Rhyme Assas­sin: Rum ‘em Up (Told ya) is the second single from my forth­com­ing album ‘Ded­ic­ated to Self’ which will drop this year but cur­rently no date has been set yet. I will poten­tially drop one more single and 2 videos and then drop the album.

MJ: Can we expect visu­als? Again, without giv­ing too much away, what is your vis­ion for the video?

Rhyme Assas­sin: I am cur­rently in dis­cus­sion of the poten­tial of get­ting a video done with M.O.P and Ruste Juxx for this single. I have hopes of mak­ing the video because I know fans are going to love this offer­ing. As a fan of M.O.P it would be a per­son­al accom­plish­ment and achieve­ment to have them on video. As for the concept I will dis­cuss with the team if every­one is on the same page to get one done.

MJ: Let every­one know how they can con­nect with you and keep up to date with new music, videos, tours, etc.

Rhyme Assas­sin: Any­one can con­tact me on the fol­low­ing email – and Rhyme Assas­sin on all media plat­forms like Spo­ti­fy, You­Tube, Ins­tagram, and Face­book.

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MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

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MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!