Poetry: Your Precious Time by @NarkiP

(Your) Pre­cious Time

Urgency is a friend of Time

For He makes sure to chase every part.

Pleas­ure is a lov­er of Time

As She embraces exper­i­ence from the start.

Agony always doth fear Time

For the longer it’s there in your heart

Is the longer the body shall reject its gift

Of being alive and to Death wish to depart.

Lazi­ness nev­er fears any Time

For He cares not about failure’s pain

But Ambi­tion is ever meas­ur­ing Time

To reach glory so one may stay sane.

Worry can always pass the Time

But is use­less as a friend

Because to worry is only to waste one’s Time

And make no effort to make amends.

I woke up late this grey old morn

And wor­ried of what it may mean.

Not much I say now, I do real­ise how

A great man must strive not to be intervened

By self indul­gent passions

About simple mis­takes made,

Just learn and seek out the good.

One’s demand for Urgency, and pur­suit of Ambition,

To grasp glory before meet­ing Gen­tle­man in Hood.

Art­work: Time Trav­el­ler By xetobite

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