Fresh! #GlobalFaction presents… Big Frizzle — My God (@burgundybricks)


Totally did not expect that trappy beat to hit my speak­ers, on GlobalFaction’s chan­nel that is a rar­ity, MY GOD! The pro­duc­tion on this track is ser­i­ous, very ser­i­ous. Those dreamy keys fit the eso­ter­ic feel of the visu­al and lyrics.

Big Friz reminds us why it doesn’t mat­ter how long it’s been since the last video, or until the next for that mat­ter. Lyr­ic­ally, visu­ally and sound wise we’re look­ing at a 2015 classic.

Big Frizzle.. “if a super­hero my name would be bars, my power would be bars, my ori­gin would be mars, wouldn’t chill with weak stars, coz a legend on par, we are, rah­hh!” Friz keeps it trill from 0 to 100 and comes to a smooth brake after 3 minutes and 16 seconds of full acceleration.

Lyr­ic­ally, Friz is on a mis­sion to put rap­pers to test, to show that there are “far too many waste­man spit­tin”.

“take me off, watch my big hand glide cross your face, don’t watch you lose minutes, you clock what I done there!” 

It’s impossible at that point, to deny the lyr­ic­al del­ic­acy at work with Big Friz’s bars.

Deep in the heart of Crys­tal Palace park are the Sphinx’s, the Sphinx, that eso­ter­ic sym­bol of sym­bols, and that’s where Friz drops the jew­els, it could­n’t have been more fit­ting. The visu­als are tight on this one, the posse rolls deep and the video cap­tures that.

Glob­al­Fac­tion must feel com­fort­able around them, Big Cakes and Non-Applix are reg­u­lars to Glob­al­Fac­tion and we see them doing rota­tions in the video. It looked like the weath­er was­n’t on side, but per­haps that moody, almost grey feel is what was needed for the video, either way GF showed how it does­n’t mat­ter, he will always make it work.

I’m gonna go with a ran­dom ques­tion to the read here, inspired by the video and mes­saging. What is your take on the resur­gence of black con­scious­ness centred around Afric­an civil­iz­a­tion? By this I mean, the iden­ti­fic­a­tion with eso­ter­ic teach­ings of North­ern Africa, and from oth­er Afric­an Civil­isa­tions, many rap­pers on Glob­al­Fac­tion see these his­tor­ies as a source of unrav­el­ing West­ern Soci­ety and build­ing our new future, what do you think of this?

Let me know what you think by join­ing the dis­cus­sion here!

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Joshua Virasami

Joshua Vir­asami, of Mauri­tian her­it­age, was born in 1990, South West Lon­don, UK. After fin­ish­ing state col­lege he dropped out of Uni­ver­sity. Since then has spent his time trav­el­ling, writ­ing, mak­ing music, pho­to­graph­ing and par­ti­cip­at­ing in/organising civil disobedience.

About Joshua Virasami

Joshua Virasami, of Mauritian heritage, was born in 1990, South West London, UK. After finishing state college he dropped out of University. Since then has spent his time travelling, writing, making music, photographing and participating in/organising civil disobedience.

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