Guests: @Gambit_Ace & @MikeySmith121

This week’s IAHH Show brings you a blend of tracks depict­ing love and insan­ity with a fine selec­tion of glob­al artist from Burk­ina Faso to… Read more

Episode #23: Poppin’ Champagne (@dioni...

Man­age Cash­flow (MC) — Take respons­ib­il­ity for your fin­an­cial future. Don’t get caught in the hype of flashy pur­chases of products and ser­vices. Be account­able… Read more

Modern Life, Historic Issues by Ranako (...

Mod­ern Life, His­tor­ic Issues Frus­tra­tion is the man­tra of the nation, Sub­jug­a­tion the tale through the ages. Veiled behind the lies of politi­cians But so obvi­ously… Read more

Remembering Amiri Baraka Through His Poe...

Ka’Ba “A closed win­dow looks down on a dirty court­yard, and Black people call across or scream across or walk across defy­ing phys­ics in the stream… Read more

Knowledge Session: Who Was Steve Biko?

Know­ledge Ses­sion: Who was Steve Biko Steve Biko was one of South Africa’s most sig­ni­fic­ant polit­ic­al act­iv­ists and a lead­ing founder of South Africa’s Black Con­scious­ness… Read more

New Video: Jordan Crisp (@officialjcmusi...

Check out the latest video from Lon­don Pro­du­cer Jord­an Crisp and rap­per and sing­er Nana Dank­wa. With the cre­at­ive music video full of cul­ture tak­ing… Read more

Review: @Crown_Sound Scotland’s Live ...

Crown­Sound Scotland’s Live ‘N’ Spit­tin’ is an annu­al Hip Hop event with a 16 Man Free­style Rap Battle Tour­na­ment along with live per­form­ance sets by… Read more


The Nat­ur­al Dis­aster has put togeth­er yet another mas­ter­minded mix­tape F.E.A.R. Bring­ing the light over to the dark­ness, Cyc­lo­ni­ous carrys a his­tory of lyr­ic­al artistry… Read more

Poetry and Afrikan Surrealism. An Interv...

Q. Your poetry cov­ers a vari­ety of top­ics from polit­ics, social and his­tory. Why do you think it is import­ant to speak on these top­ics… Read more

Poetry From Lucy Webster

This week we fea­ture poetry from eight­een year old stu­dent and act­iv­ist Lucy Web­ster, an excit­ing new voice in the poetry com­munity. Aside from being… Read more

In memory of Gil Scott-Heron

One of the most import­ant pro­gen­it­ors of rap music, Gil Scott-Heron’s aggress­ive, no-non­sense street poetry inspired a legion of intel­li­gent rap­pers while his enga­ging song­writ­ing… Read more

Review: DUKE01 (@TherealDuke01) ‘STERO...

As a hip-hop pur­ist, I feel it’s always pos­sible to dif­fer­en­ti­ate between artists that rap because they want to make rap music and those that… Read more