Exclusive Interview: Guerrilla Republik Scandinavia

Q. Thank you for the chance to inter­view you all. Could you tell us who Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia con­sist of how you all came togeth­er?

Capital‑X:  Thank you for the opp. OK, there is Lord For­Show from Nor­way, who is co-founder with me Cap­it­al X. There is Jr. Hype who is our Jr. exec­ut­ive, Yenemes­is and Sheepy who are bricks in our very found­a­tion. We also have Miss Rock­nrolla, Taz, Shorty Doo Wop and Shishko hold­ing down K‑Town (Kris­ti­ansand, Nor­way) with a long list of sup­port­ers. We have Fallen, PK, Hege and Elisa hold­ing us down in Oslo Triz and Dano in Sweden, Two Towers in Den­mark. What could best explain how we all came togeth­er is, it called us all. From dif­fer­ent places and dif­fer­ent struggles it called us and we came togeth­er to help one anoth­er under our mis­sion.

Guer­rilla Repub­lik’s Mis­sion State­ment: Guer­rilla Repub­lik draws its inspir­a­tion from the first suc­cess­ful slave revolt in Haiti 1794. This rebel­lion exem­pli­fies unity, strength, determ­in­a­tion and will of God. Our mis­sion is to stim­u­late minds and expand the dynam­ics of think­ing in our inner cit­ies and motiv­ate indi­vidu­als to take pro­act­ive approach to like through edu­ca­tion, self-reli­ance and pre­pared­ness. Only the real­ist feel this.

Q. Jr.Hype what made you decide to work with rap­pers like Capital‑X, Sheepy and Yenemes­is?

Jr.Hype: Well there are a lot of things that made me want to work with these guys. Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia is a big chapter with a lot of Great sup­port­ers and tal­en­ted people, and its just a great thing to be a part of it. They are all very ded­ic­ated people to work with, so that kind of gives me more motiv­a­tion to be a part of this move­ment – and to do what I love as well. Just to wake up in the morn­ing and know that you got com­rades like that around your­self is a new energy. And mark my words, we will con­tin­ue to rise till we reach our goal, and yes – we will make it happened.

Q. Cap­it­al X as you are from New York what lead to your inspir­a­tion to set up a chapter of Guer­rilla Repub­lik in Nor­way?

Capital‑X: I was fresh out of pris­on try­ing to piece my life togeth­er. I was work­ing on my rehab­il­it­a­tion and recov­ery hard when I met Guer­rilla Repub­lik. GR helped me in count­less ways; most import­antly filling this huge void I had in my life. I was chan­ging people, places and things and even with­in the hip hop cul­ture I lived in since the late 70’s early 80’s changed so much it was­n’t doing it for me. I needed the golden era back so to speak. GR filled that void and some. I felt like I found my spot. I felt the love and the camarader­ie was just what I needed to keep me in line. When the oppor­tun­ity presen­ted itself to move to Nor­way the first thing I thought of was to bring GR with me and give it to the people hop­ing it would do for oth­ers what it had done for me. Instead of just build­ing Guer­rilla Repub­lik Nor­way, We chose Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia to sym­bol­ize unity. The Scand­inavi­an coun­tries have been pretty much sep­ar­ated forever so we thought unit­ing the hip hop com­munit­ies in Scand­inavia would be a great start and very bene­fi­cial to all includ­ing sur­round­ing coun­tries and here we are build­ing with fam­ily from the UK today.

Q. Cap­it­al X what rap­pers would you say have inspired you thought your career and why?

First and fore­most Grand Mas­ter Melle Mel. When Melle Mel along with Grand Mas­ter Flash and Furi­ous Five dropped The Mes­sage, that was it for me. Till this day, I bump that and till this day I try to imple­ment a mes­sage in all my tracks and poems. Also, KRS ONE, Chuck D, Wise Intel­li­gent, Guru, Smooth Da Hust­ler, Kool G Rap, NAS and Tupac any­one who is say­ing some­thing rel­ev­ant. I love a dope flow but if you ain’t say­ing some­thing what is it good for? All these heads taught me some­thing valu­able. They made me run to dic­tion­ar­ies, and to book stores…inspired me to want to do some­thing with my life. They gave me hope. They made me want to be the best I could be unlike today where most rap­pers be talk­ing about the destruct­ive beha­vi­or that ruined my life. Guer­rilla Repub­lik stands firm on true hip hop as I feel the above men­tioned do. Sorry but I don’t care how dope your tracks are…if you ain’t say­ing some­thing con­struct­ive you gets no plays here.

Q. Sheepy and Yenemes­is you both form rap group Leth­al Injec­tion and your latest album is called frombloodtoink. Can you tell us what Leth­al Injec­tion is all about and what top­ics your album cov­ers?

Leth­al Injec­tion: For us leth­al injec­tion describes our music as you see it live on stage or hear it on a record, a deadly dose of beast­ing music to your ears. The name it self is dark and I think we are both inspired by dark­ness when we wright. We both have dif­fer­ent back­grounds but still have been though a lot of hard­ship in our life. We can relate to that dark feel­ing and music is meant to be from the hart and soul so that’s our sound. It is exper­i­ence and life as we have lived it. With that said if we where to say that we are going to chop your head of and bury it under a tree it don’t mean we are actu­ally gonna do it but believe me we both have been in a place of want­ing to inflict pain upon someone so we can relate to that feel­ing. We are peace­ful people now and music is ther­apy, we all have our demons and leth­al injec­tion is all about tak­ing those demons and let­ting them out on a stage. When it comes to the album name Yenemes­is can explain that bet­ter than me but for me it is the struggle from when I had noth­ing to the point where the pen and ink, words etc came to life and gave me some­thing to hang on to when things were ruff. Music is power!

Yenemes­is add: The album tittle means from pain to words, feel­ings to lyr­ics, blood to ink. To turn some­thing bad to some­thing good by any means neces­sary.

Q. Leth­al Injec­tion what rap­pers would you say have inspired you both thought your career and why?

Leth­al Injec­tion: Oo man we kinda hate that ques­tion because there are so many. We are fans of immor­tal tech no descrip­tion needed there and we both love 90’s hip hop, so Wu Tang, King Tee, Mobb Deep, Big l, Pun, 2pac the list keeps going.

Sheppy also add: Also I’m a big fan of grime. Why I am inspired? I don’t know, that’s what qual­ity music does to a per­son. Some tracks help you trough times when no one will listen, you put that music on and feel good. A lot of the cats I men­tion here have done that for me.

Q. At the moment you are on tour around Europe. How did you find the hip hop scene in Lon­don and do you plan to come back?

Capital‑X: The hip hop scene in Lon­don from the view I got was great. We were well received with mad love and we gave that love right back which is what it’s all about. There is so much unheard of tal­ent in Lon­don we are def­in­itely going to return and we hope to bring some Lon­don tal­ent to Scand­inavia. Our tour has noth­ing to do with mak­ing fans LOL, it has everything to do with meet­ing fam­ily, build­ing with fam­ily and mak­ing big­ger and bet­ter things mani­fest in the near future.

Q. What can we expec­ted from Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia, Jr.Hype, Capital‑X and Leth­al Injec­tion next?

Leth­al Injec­tion: L.I plans? To keep grind­ing, push­ing our brand bring­ing the music to the people and stay humble doing it. Appre­ci­at­ing every moment when we get to meet new people that have love for hip hop and build rela­tions with dope mcs when pos­sible. If the future brings it, make tables turn of music, sup­port our fam­il­ies and keep grow­ing. We will also be in the stu­dio through sum­mer and are already half way through our second album O.T.R.F.T (Only the real­ist feel this). There is going be some dope people on it to reveal. We got Sean Strange and his man buddy on a c‑lance pro­duc­tion and our vis­it to Lon­don made us some new con­tacts that we deffo wanna build with and have as fea­tures.

Capital‑X: From Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia, you can expect growth. Lots and lots of growth. Get used to hear­ing the name Guer­rilla Repub­lik. Lon­don Street Cypher 2 is com­ing up so keep your ears to the streets. As far as me per­son­ally, I have my sopho­more album in the works which I hope to drop this year. Got some dope fea­tures on it…artists I have looked up to over the years so yea, look­ing to get that out and just keep heal­ing the hip hop cul­ture. Hip hop don’t need sav­ing, but it sure needs some heal­ing as do we all.

Guer­rilla Repub­lik is a grass­roots under ground hip hop groove­ment built on the ori­gin­al found­a­tion in which hip hop was foun­ded. It’s all about peace, unity, love and hav­ing fun. There are a lot of mis­con­cep­tions about GR just as there is in hip hop as a whole but if you take the time to do your home­work it is easy to see what we are truly about. The brand, the appar­el go hand in hand with our mis­sion which comes first.

Jr.Hype: Yea X said it, We have a lot of plans for Guer­rilla Repub­lik Scand­inavia. Dif­fer­ent hip hop shows in Kris­ti­ansand. Free Cyphers in both Kris­ti­ansand and Oslo. Also we will con­tin­ue our Recon Tour – we just had a hip hop show in Den­mark for the Recon Tour, the crowd there was awe­some so we will def­in­itely go back there when we can. We also have a show in Ger­many for the Recon Tour. Which is a birth of a new chapter of Guer­rilla Repub­lik in Ger­many. Poland is also on the list for the Recon Tour, so yea – Europe will see us on the move this year. We also have a lot of Great stuff for the sum­mer and after the sum­mer. We will be at Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Repub­lic in August car­ry­ing the mes­sage of Guer­rilla Repub­lik to the people

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Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi

Arash has been pas­sion­ate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, edu­cate and empower people to become bet­ter ver­sions of them­selves and help and sup­port their com­munity and oth­ers. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teach­er to us all.

About Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi
Arash has been passionate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, educate and empower people to become better versions of themselves and help and support their community and others. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teacher to us all.

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