Poetry: Sista Lyric (@SistaLyric ) ‘Split...
Split decition Inspir­a­tion, ded­ic­a­tion, exclam­a­tion; a state­ment made with a recipe legendary. Quite...
Introducing… Humble The Poet! (@humblethepoet)
It’s always a priv­ilege meet­ing an artist who is keep­ing the fun­da­ment­al roots of Hip Hop
Introducing Adam KG! (@adamkhangill)
I Am Hip Hop’s Lana Bell(9_lanabell) caught up with sev­en­teen year old spoken word per­former and
Poetry: Revolution by Azad Kamall
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QZNz6pwKoo[/youtube]   REVOLU­TION So far this glob­al reces­sion has...
Spokenword: Better Economy by Caleb Femi...
Bet­ter Eco­nomy How do you expect a boy to be loved In a place where the
Poetry: ‘Reasons’ By Hermione Cameron...
Reas­ons Some­times I think people have reas­ons, and some­times reas­ons not I myself, a reason­er, hid
The World’s Oceans.. Poetry from Virginia
  World’s oceans are no less than what your lungs deserve   I’ve heard that the
Video: Arms Trade by I & Ideal (@IdealArtist)
The arms trade.. Are paid.. To be selling, Destruct­ive weapons that are made.. To them its
An Education of Discrimination — Spoken Word by...
Lon­don based — spoken word artist  JJ ‘Com­pass’ expresses a needed truth ! An Edu­ca­tion of
I Am by @Esoteric_Poetry
I Am … I am… a con­tinu­ously evolving imper­fect work in pro­gress, attain­ing cor­rec­tion of my
Mr Lif and his Lyricism (@therealMrLif)
http://mrlif.bandcamp.com/ Mr Lif is an Amer­ic­an Hip-Hop artist, often known for the polit­ic­al nature in his
Spoken Words With NovaKane from The Sacrificial...
  Q. Is there much dif­fer­ence between NovaKane as an MC and NovaKane as a poet?