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I Am …

I am… a con­tinu­ously evolving imper­fect work in pro­gress, attain­ing cor­rec­tion of my beha­viour, words, man­ner­isms and atti­tudes through the exam­in­a­tion of my mis­takes and their repercussions.

I am the demon­strat­ive accept­ance of past events that have facil­it­ated form­a­tion of the sil­hou­ette of who I stand today and the pending fig­ure of my future which I shall unfore­see­ably become.

I am, my body stripped of soci­et­al char­ac­ter­ist­ics, equal to every oth­er human on this earth. the col­our of com­plex­ion stood before me in the mir­ror is black, my eyes brown, my lips big how­ever is that suf­fi­cient reas­on for me to be labelled, stood… inferi­or to you, super­i­or to you, anteri­or to you, pos­teri­or to you?… peel back the dis­crim­in­at­ory dead decept­ive skin of super­fi­ci­al­ity and is not our like­ness that is dis­covered, is it not a rev­el­a­tion of the same scar­let red blood run­ning through both our veins, the same skel­et­on that pre­vents our back from arch­ing under the bur­den of each cross we bear, the same cells that anaer­obic­ally respire to sus­tain our very exist­ence?… bey­ond what meets the eye of dis­tor­tion and clouded judge­ment by the catar­act of pre­ju­di­cial­ism are we not humanely the same? Oxy­gen dimin­ished from the realms of earth’s atmo­sphere will your phys­ic­al attrib­utes cause you to live on? … I stand next to you.

I am, fully aware that the desires of my heart and mind are often not lin­ear nor do they stream par­al­lel to one anoth­er. I am the power of my mind and will­ing­ness of my soul, the incap­ab­il­ity of my flesh which impairs my abil­ity to lift the tallest moun­tain is not a meas­ure of my strength as I have the men­tal abil­ity to climb and see the hori­zon it once obscured.

I am forever using words to con­vey my thoughts, emo­tions, con­cepts, ideo­lo­gies because they are expli­cit state­ments of my heart of which phys­ic­al acts can­not por­trait. Words can­not be retrieved from an ear like a touch from a hand, its effect can­not heal like a wound of the flesh, the feel­ings eli­cited from their impact will not fade like a scar. Actions may speak louder but words elab­or­ate what can nev­er be demonstrated.

I am, here today and hold no great invest­ment in a future that is not prom­ised tomor­row, I can­not now util­ize any­thing it or the days which pro­ceed have to offer so why must I seek its worry. I am, not in search of a role mod­el, for I only aspire to be me at my best, I acknow­ledge my flaws which inhib­it my pro­gres­sion and the skills and qual­it­ies of oth­ers in which I myself hope to attain one day so I may be bet­ter enabled to reach the pin­nacle of my potentials.

I am, in pos­ses­sion of free will which I choose to exploit simply because I can, con­straints of soci­ety lif­ted and I could be any­thing I want to be but per­fect, I there­fore was not born lim­it­less like the skies that bear wit­ness to my inev­it­able acts of dis­hon­esty. Not failed to be born, I was born to fail at achiev­ing that defin­i­tion of per­fec­tion not even cap­able of being con­ceived as a thought, dream nor fig­ment of one’s ima­gin­a­tion. Des­pite ones abund­ant intel­li­gence, a concept of per­fec­tion is impossible by man to postulate.

I am not being hon­est to you to gain fame, recog­ni­tion or com­pli­ments but being hon­est to myself in the pres­ence of you because my pas­sion for writ­ing has giv­en me the means by which to do so.


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Gata is a music and arts lov­er, stud­ied anthro­po­logy, art man­age­ment and media pro­duc­tion ded­ic­at­ing most of her time to cre­at­ive pro­jects pro­duced by No Bounds.

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Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.

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