For those who have not heard your music, how would you describe you style? I would
‘Tupac…Bigger Than Hip Hop’ By Humble The...
The first book of poems I ever owned was Tupac’s ‘The Rose that Grew from the
Knowledge Session: Who is Leila Khaled?
Leila Khaled ; born April 9, 1944 is a mem­ber of the Pop­u­lar Front for the
New Music: The Scribes ‘Positive Vibes’...
The first UK based act to sign with US label Kami­kazi Air­lines, The Scribes are a
Interview : EMC (@eMCcrew) And @LadyLeshurr
Masta Ace, the EMC Crew and Lady Leshurr dropped in to  West­side stu­di­os on the DJ
Video + Lyrics: Terror Bliss (@TerrorBliss) —...
‘My Mind’ (Lyr­ics + Video) The first release from the forth com­ing debut EP ‘Dont Buy
Interview: Talking Underground And Mainstream Rap...
Antix is a Lon­don based hip hop artist with a unique style, his sound is a
Interview With Mighty Moe (@MightyMoe) !
Q. You have always pro­jec­ted good ener­gies and pos­it­ive vibes in your music, from when you
Review: Onyx (@ONYX_HQ) Live At Jazz Café!
19.05.14  Review- Onyx  The even­ing was irrit­ably humid. Upon arrival to the Cam­den Under­ground...
Guests: @Gambit_Ace & @MikeySmith121
This week’s IAHH Show brings you a blend of tracks depict­ing love and insan­ity with a
Remembering Amiri Baraka Through His Poetry...
Ka’Ba “A closed win­dow looks down on a dirty court­yard, and Black people call across or
Knowledge Session: Who Was Steve Biko?
Know­ledge Ses­sion: Who was Steve Biko Steve Biko was one of South Africa’s most sig­ni­fic­ant polit­ic­al