Knowledge Session: Who Was Emiliano Zapa...

©‘Zapata Armado de Lata!‘by Artist Shalak, Brazil, Oct 2011  Emili­ano Zapata was born in Anenecuil­co, in the Mex­ic­an state of Morelos, just south of Mex­ico City. It was… Read more

Video: Rebel Diaz ‘Work Like Chavez’

We are liv­ing his­tor­ic moments of oppres­sion to which we can only respond with his­tor­ic moments of res­ist­ance!! It is time to Work Like Chavez!!… Read more

Guest: Verbal Skillz (@verbal_emcee) #IA...

IAHH Radio returns for another BIG show as we kick off our brand new seg­ments — I AM, fea­tur­ing a guest MC every show and… Read more

Video + Lyrics : Fedzilla ‘Pass It On’

No mes­sage is a les­son wasted, patience is a les­son learned (uh-huh) Plat­forms of expres­sion serve as sta­tions of the word Have you tuned in twice… Read more

Free Album Download: Guerrilla Republik ...

Guer­ril­la Repub­lik D.C presents : “World­wide War­ri­ors” A must have com­pil­a­tion of world­wide Hip Hop! Bring­ing you the cul­ture and ener­gies from Atlanta, Aus­tralia, Boston, Canada,… Read more

Documentary: Inside The Revolution: A Jo...

Inside the Revolu­tion: A Jour­ney into the Heart of Venezuela (Dir­ect­or Pablo Nav­ar­rete, 65mins, Alborada Films, 2009) Feb­ru­ary 2009 marked 10 years since Hugo Chavez… Read more

Interview With Jalal Of The Last Poets!

(Phở­to cred­it: Malik Al Nas­ir) If you’re a fan of hip-hop, wheth­er you know it or not, you are in debt to Jalal Nur­id­din. Also… Read more

Support #Palestine! Buy Single: Gaza Fig...

Offi­cial music video for “Gaza Fights Back” taken from the album “Revolu­tion­ary Minded 4”. ALL PRO­CEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS SINGLE WILL BE DELIVERED… Read more

Next Stop: The Bronx — 1520 Sedgwick A...

Intrins­ic­ally, it’s dif­fi­cult for me to go any fur­ther than tak­ing the time out to embrace the place which has so many view as the… Read more

@OpenTheGate..Meet The Organiser!

Inter­view With Eric aka Fenomeno Show from ‘Open The Gate’  Q. Tell us a bit about Open The Gate, and the object­ives of the organ­isa­tion? Open The… Read more

Video + Lyrics: System Reboot by @DISL_A...

Sys­tem Reboot CHOR­US This is a Sys­tem Reboot! Con­trol Alt Delete We are tak­ing back the plan­et from the hands of the élite We cut through… Read more

Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘The Race Industry’

The Race Industry The coconuts have got the jobs. The race industry is a growth industry. We des­pair­ing, they career­ing. We want more peace they want… Read more