TySo­ul and Maine the Medi­cine announce the release of their col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject titled ‘Medi­cine for the Soul.’ The 14-track album fea­tures Pop­ko, Sweet­ness, Daniel Rosler, Sus­pect, Lambo Lo, Paul­ie, and GTS.  Check out our latest inter­view detail­ing the album along with visu­als for the lead­ing single “Serenity.”

MJ: You hit fans with some­thing dif­fer­ent and innov­at­ive with this new album “Medi­cine for the Soul”. You cur­ated a cap­tiv­at­ing blend of R&B and Hip Hop. Talk about the album and the mind­set behind cre­at­ing it.

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TySo­ul: Both Maine and myself already col­lab­or­ated on mul­tiple records before this album, and everything we made togeth­er came out great. So, we thought, why not make a full pro­ject togeth­er, and we did just that. Myself being a Chris Brown fan, I wanted to add a new school R&B flare to the album, while hav­ing Maine add his old-school influ­ences along with his amaz­ing lyr­i­cism.

Maine: being from New York, Hip-Hop and R&B go hand and hand. Like Nas and Lauryn, Meth and Mary, Fath­er MC with Jodeci, and the list goes on and on. We just wanted to bring that feel­ing back.

MJ: You enlis­ted an élite selec­tion of pro­du­cers for the album, with an incred­ible abil­ity to orches­trate sound­scapes that height­en the raw emo­tion and impec­cable lyr­i­cism. Talk about that, as well as how you two linked up.

TySo­ul: We ori­gin­ally linked up nearly a dec­ade ago from a mutu­al con­tact, we nev­er col­lab­or­ated at the time, but we did a few shows togeth­er. Years later Maine called me to come into JL Stu­di­os to do a hook for Mercy Gang and after that, it was a wrap…

Maine: We worked with a hand­ful of pro­du­cers includ­ing Know- it beats and Da Leadgeon who helped us blend that Hip Hop and R&B with today’s twist. Plus, we both get busy with the pen!

MJ:  Was the goal of the album to expand your fan base by step­ping out of the box? Was it to dis­play your ver­sat­il­ity as artists and your agil­ity to steer in dif­fer­ent lanes?

TySo­ul: I think both of us some­what stepped out of our com­fort zones for the bet­ter. I was able to exper­i­ment with a more com­mer­cial sound rather than the old-school R&B type influ­ences that were pre­val­ent in my first album “Two-Sided.” I feel that we both dis­played our ver­sat­il­ity but also stayed true to our artistry.

Maine: I feel as an MC I should be able to adapt to any genre while still being me.

MJ:  What single off the album do you anti­cip­ate tak­ing off both on charts and with listeners/fans?

TySo­ul: I think that “Addicted” or “Don’t You” are two of our more heart­felt records. Both talk about rela­tion­ship-based con­tent but also have an upbeat flow and awe­some pro­duc­tion.

Maine: “Serenity” is going to make a state­ment because it deals with some cru­cial issues going on in the world now. “Addicted”, “Old Thing Back”, and “Move Ya Body” are extraordin­ar­ily strong records as well.

MJ: Take a minute to reflect and share any­thing else about “The Medi­cine for the Soul”

TySo­ul: This pro­ject per­son­ally helped me to exper­i­ment with rap­ping more. Maine pushed and encour­aged me to spit a few bars, and I was able to rap a few good verses on this album. Even through this pan­dem­ic, we stayed motiv­ated and in touch, which enabled us to fin­ish this pro­ject strong and in time when we were able to return to the stu­dio.

Maine: We want people and our fans to get that great feel­ing listen­ing to our music. We’re just try­ing to put authen­t­ic Hip Hop and R&B back on the map.

Spe­cial thanks to Dan Rosler, Aman­da Rogan, Lambo Lo, Sus­pect, Gus, and Paulie…#RIPHefty

Watch “Serenity” fea­tur­ing Sweet­ness and Daniel Rosler (off ‘Medi­cine for the Soul’ album). The empower­ing lyr­ics and serene images of unity and inno­cence in the video along with the sooth­ing, soul­ful vibe and clas­sic drums are sure to raise neck hairs and touch hearts world­wide.

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MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!