Video+Lyrics: The Science By @MURS


So I’m at the barber­shop
And we talk­ing about this new gen­er­a­tion of hip-hop
And how, how lost you all are, man
But y’all have no sci­ence
So here you go

The sys­tem­at­ic know­ledge of the phys­ic­al world
Gained through obser­va­tion and exper­i­ment­a­tion
Usu­ally begin­ning with a hypo­thes­is
Or what some may call an estim­a­tion
Record your res­ults from a series of tests
And what you’re left with is a the­ory at best
Now let me give my hypo­thes­is, an edu­cated guess
On why my people on the whole seem to be such a mess
Gen­o­cide: the delib­er­ate exterm­in­a­tion
Of a race, cul­ture, or an entire nation
Cen­tur­ies ago they brought us here on a boat
Enslaved us, beat us, til our spir­it was broke
Then they gave us free­dom and a little bit of hope
Then they killed our lead­ers and they gave us dope (crack)
From the C.I.A. by way of Nicaragua
Shipped to Rick Ross, he’s the black God­fath­er
Now Oscar Blandón was his known sup­pli­er
He snitched on Rick so that he could retire
Rat­ted on Ricky so he got out quickly
Now this is where the situ­ation gets a little sticky
Not a cit­izen of the U.S.A
He got released and got hired by the D.E.A
Then he got his green card from the I.N.S
But that should’ve nev­er happened due to pre­vi­ous arrests
See our gov­ern­ment seems to think that there is a dif­fer­ence
Between powdered cocaine and crack, for instance
You get five years for five grams of crack
But in the powdered form you have a hun­dred times that
Now who has the rock, and who has the powder?
Who’s the oppressed and who has the power?
They want you to fail so you wind up in jail
You know how much they make while you sit­tin in that cell?
Bil­lions of dol­lars for inmate facil­it­ies
You sell your­self back into slavery will­ingly
It’s not black and white, it’s so much more
It’s the rich stay­in rich and the poor stay­in poor
The poor white’s meth, the poor black’s crack
It’s not about race and once you real­ize that
We as a nation are free to move on
And become one people, a move­ment, strong

Drop­pin this sci­ence
Murs is a sci­ent­ist
Drop­pin this sci­ence while they drop bombs

Now black people wer­en’t the first to be enslaved
We were just the first to be treated this way
No edu­ca­tion, you were killed if you could read
So you hid your intel­lect if you wanted to suc­ceed
And what hap­pens to a lie when you liv­in’ it
You lose sight of who you are and start for­get­tin’ it
So many of us to this day act ignor­ant
A mere shad­ow of our form of mag­ni­fi­cence
Wel­fare: no inde­pend­ence
We become vic­tims depend­in’ on the sys­tem
Look­ing for a handout wait­ing on some help
Dwell­ing on the past feel­ing sorry for your self
But you do what you can to make it out the trap
And that right there is the ori­gin of rap
It was­n’t always played on every radio sta­tion
It was us makin the best out of a bad situ­ation
Inner city schools stopped teach­ing us instru­ments
We took turntables and star­ted flip­pin’ it
Stole elec­tri­city from the street lights
Plugged it into a sys­tem and made the beat hype
There was a mic but MC’s wer­en’t rulin’
It was more ’bout what the DJ was doin’
He say a few words (GO, GO) to keep the party mov­in’
The B‑boys dan­cin’ to the breaks and the grooves
And the break was the part where the record broke down
Where it was just a drum and a couple of sounds
You had two records you could go back and forth
To keep the groove goin’ cause the break was so short
Now if that ain’t’ sci­ence I don’t know what is
The ingenu­ity of these young black kids
The Bronx New York, Sedg­wick & Cedar
Kool Herc earth hip-hop true believ­ers
(The­ory) Adversity pro­duces oppor­tun­ity
Any­things accom­plished through strength and unity
The fate of the world is in the hip-hop com­munity
The revolu­tion’s here and now with you and me

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Gata Malandra
Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.

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