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Con­grat­u­la­tions to the cam­paign for shut­ting down the art exhib­i­tion, which the cam­paign rightly said degrades Black lives as part of the gen­er­al strategy of nor­m­al­ising through the ‘arts’ and film etc the power­less­ness and tor­ture porn via Black people.

My sin­cere apo­lo­gies to the organ­isers of that cam­paign as I had not sens­it­ively nav­ig­ated with them my con­cerns about the prob­lems of why this exhib­i­tion and not oth­er much big­ger mani­fest­a­tions in the world of arts or sim­il­ar oppres­sions in real life seem to be rel­at­ively ignored. I should have privately reached out to them and explored these issues instead of pub­licly air­ing my cri­ti­cisms without hav­ing first checked with them.

human zooPer­haps those who sup­por­ted that cam­paign might reflect on the on-going dehu­man­isa­tion and sys­tem­at­ic tor­ture of Black and oth­er people by west­ern gov­ern­ments and their prox­ies and allies.

When the Brit­ish, French and Yan­kee state unleashed their blitz against Libya along with their proxies/death squads on the ground since Feb 2011, they unleashed an orgy of killing of all Liby­an people who did not go along with that war of aggres­sion. They tar­geted and gave cov­er for tar­get­ing of dark­er skin or ‘Black’ Liby­ans as Gad­dafi was the most effect­ive Pan-Afric­an­ist of the last gen­er­a­tion and he cel­eb­rated Nkrumah, Lum­umba and oth­ers (I saw massive gov­ern­ment ban­ners for them in Libya when I was there in 2011).

In this video one can see that our broth­ers from a Liby­an town called Tawergha had been cap­tured by the NATO proxy forces and they were pun­ished, they were put in a REAL zoo (used before for anim­als), they forced Green Flags (flags of the Liby­an Jamahiry­an gov­ern­ment and Revolu­tion) in their mouths and tor­tured and goaded as ‘mon­keys’.


The town of Tawergha of 40,000 rel­at­ively dark­er skinned or ‘Black’ Liby­ans was wiped out by the pro nato death squads. The people of Tawergha have filed a law suit against the French govt who along with bri­tain, usa and oth­ers dir­ectly sup­por­ted, armed and dir­ec­ted these death squads.
(see here: http://telesurtv.net/english/news/Libyan-City-Sues-France-for-Support-of-Anti-Gaddafi-Militias-20140822–0025.html

http://telesurtv.net/english/news/Libyan-City-Sues-France-for-Support-of-Anti-Gaddafi-Militias-20140822–0025.html ).
This and oth­er moves for human rights of these and oth­er Liby­ans deserve our sup­port.


Tens of thou­sands of Liby­ans who did not agree with the destruc­tion of Libya in 2011, light skinned, and dark­er skinned and every­one in between are STILL being held in the zoo in Tripoli and in tor­ture dun­geons across Libya.
(Some Sources:

‘Human Rights Watch’, ‘Amnesty’ and oth­ers all sup­por­ted the pro­pa­ganda cam­paign as part of the war on Libya in 2011, its part of the neo-colo­ni­al human rights hustle that they help to cre­ate the mess and then bene­fit from ‘cam­paign­ing’ against the mess that they helped to cre­ate. Human Rights Watch , Amnesty Inter­na­tion­al and oth­ers, all pro­moted the lies of the ‘Afric­an mer­cen­ar­ies’ and basic­ally EVERY lie from NATO to jus­ti­fy the destruc­tion of that coun­try).

This is a situ­ation which is repeated by the SAME alli­ance of forces across Africa and Asia. France, USA and Bri­tain in alli­ance with the Gulf mon­arch­ies and the cur­rent Turk­ish gov­ern­ment are devel­op­ing death squads who are in action and in ideo­logy a ‘mini-me’ of the ‘west­ern’ powers, in that they have suprem­acist, colo­ni­al and zion­ist-type notions that they are God’s chosen people and that any­one out­side that realm are worthy of tor­ture and death.

The SAME alli­ance of forces that have done what they have to the Liby­an people are doing the same to people who they con­sider fall out­side their suprem­acist club in Mali, Alger­ia, Somalia, Niger­ia, Syr­ia, Leban­on, Egypt, Pakistan, Afgh­anistan and oth­er places. People who are sec­u­lar, Shia, Chris­ti­an, social­ist, nation­al­ists, Sun­nis who dis­agree with the death squads and every­one and any­one are being pub­licly beheaded, pub­licly tor­tured, pub­licly mutil­ated, pub­licly cru­ci­fied (ACTU­ALLY cru­ci­fied) and much more. This is a depraved death squad move­ment which is DIR­ECTLY pro­moted, fin­anced, and armed by the west and its allies in espe­cially the Gulf Mon­arch­ies, Turk­ish govt and the Pakistani mil­it­ary intel­li­gence.

This is dir­ectly impact­ing us in the ‘west’ and in Eng­land as many of our youth are attrac­ted to this ‘call of duty’ style death squad move­ment, petty gang mem­bers from this coun­try are going off to kill, injure, behead, etc, all in the ser­vice of the ‘west’ des­pite the west some­times stat­ing they oppose the same death squad move­ments. No, the west are allied and sup­port these move­ments and intend to con­fuse and befuddle us by their media and politi­cians, but the real­ity is that in Libya, Syr­ia and pre­vi­ously in Kosovo, they were and are in dir­ect open alli­ance, as well as Qatar, UAE, Saudi Ara­bia being primary allies of the west, the SAME coun­tries which are the main sup­port­ers of the death squads!

This is a west­ern-backed death squad move­ment which is impact­ing white, ‘Brown’, ‘Black’ alike, and it really requires us to con­nect the dots and start a big­ger push back against it.

The people of Libya who are still being held in the zoo, in tor­ture dun­geons are some of the most for­got­ten and ignored people on the plan­et who are dir­ect vic­tims of the Brit­ish and their allies. I pray and wish we will ‘straight­en the crooked’ and come increas­ingly to the ser­vice of those humans who, due to the the­or­ies and phys­ic­al oppres­sions of the ‘west’ and their allies, fall out­side the zone of Human­ity.

“At the risk of arous­ing the resent­ment of my col­oured broth­ers, I will say that the black is not a man. There is a zone of non-being, an extraordin­ar­ily sterile and arid region, an utterly naked decliv­ity where an authen­t­ic upheav­al can be born”
(Frantz Fan­on, Black Skin, White Masks)

The chal­lenge to us is that we Human­ise and struggle with our broth­ers and sis­ters to lib­er­ate ourselves from this zone of non­be­ing and we can assist in the lib­er­a­tion of our peoples and ourselves.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest fight­ers for our cause, Mal­colm X, his words and lead­er­ship ring truer today than ever on this spe­cif­ic issue and our gen­er­al chal­lenges. I leave you with the call to glob­al unity in the words of Mal­colm X:

You can get into a con­ver­sa­tion with a per­son, and in five minutes tell wheth­er or not that per­son’s scope is broad or wheth­er that per­son’s scope is nar­row, wheth­er that per­son is inter­ested in things going on in his block where he lives or inter­ested in things going on all over the world. Now per­sons who are nar­row-minded, because their know­ledge is lim­ited, think that they’re affected only by things hap­pen­ing in their block. But when you find a per­son who has a know­ledge of things of the world today, he real­izes that what hap­pens in South Viet­nam can affect him if he’s liv­ing on St. Nich­olas Aven­ue, or what’s hap­pen­ing in the Congo affects his situ­ation on Eighth Aven­ue or Sev­enth Aven­ue or Len­ox Aven­ue. The per­son who real­izes the effect that things all over the world have right on his block, on his salary, on his recep­tion or lack of recep­tion into soci­ety, imme­di­ately becomes inter­ested in things inter­na­tion­al. But if a per­son’s scope is so lim­ited that he thinks things that affect him are only those things that take place across the street or down­town, then he’s only inter­ested in things across the street and down­town.

So, one of our greatest desires here at Organ­iz­a­tion of Afro-Amer­ic­an Unity meet­ings is to try and broaden the scope and even the read­ing habits of most of our people, who need their scope broadened and their read­ing habits also broadened today. ”
- Mal­colm X, Jan 1964
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