Seasoned emcee U‑Nik Stylez enlists Bru­tal Caesar for the new album titled “The Mean­ing.” The 10-track pro­ject fea­tures an arrange­ment of diverse Hip Hop tal­ents includ­ing DJ Soul­buck, DJ Jaffe, Think 2wice, Jace the Truth, Recog­nize Ali, Ekspan, and Reval­a­tion. The pro­duc­tion ranges from worldly sound­scapes to sus­pense­ful tones, to gritty boom-bap to soul­ful rendi­tions, with heavy bass and drums pulsat­ing through­out the pro­ject.

“Any­more” intro’s the album, ask­ing who does it like this any­more. This refer­ring to U‑Nik’s lyr­ic­al pro­fess­or and under­ground treas­ure status. He’s clos­ing out shows, tour­ing over­seas, and caus­ing may­hem in the booth. “The Move­ment” focuses on U‑Nik’s mis­sion to fix the game and provide a little Hip Hop improve­ment. He has some­thing to prove with noth­ing to lose and pre­pared for both so adjust the head­set.

In “Unus­al Lov3”, U‑Nik flows a little some­thing for the ladies. His storytelling embod­ies the emo­tions of a spe­cial love turned volat­ile, a melod­ic ser­mon every­one can relate to. “Painted Pic­tures” brings it right back to the mes­sage at hand. U‑Nik ham­mers down on artists who lack the gift of bars while he’s paint­ing pic­tures with swords and tools, with dis­tinct pre­ci­sion. “Out­side” is a hard­body track with no sug­ar coat­ing or bubble gum raps. It’s simply a bad decision for wave riders and haters to catch U‑Nik out­side.  “Chem­istry” is a tale of deliv­er­ing mes­sages through songs. U‑Nik breaks down the sci­ence of lyr­i­cism that stems from his pad and pen.  He once was dan­cing with the dev­il, now he’s spit­ting gems about the devil’s lack of coördin­a­tion.

“2 Ill” is the vein pump­ing, clas­sic Hip Hop gem of the pro­ject. Make way for U‑Nik as he makes a house­hold name for him­self. His sick rhymes and mastered punch­lines are bet­ter than before. Simply put, he’s ‘2 ill.’  “Move” piggy­backs that lyr­ic­al PSA as U‑Nik forces every­one out the way so he can do what he does in the booth and in the music jungle; he’s claim­ing his stance. “Noth­ing” wraps up the album reit­er­at­ing that noth­ing or no one can stop his takeover. His life is the booth, radio, and stages on repeat.

U‑Nik dis­plays his growth as a lyr­i­cist and the abil­ity to cur­ate time­less music. Each track brings forth his suited A‑game and nat­ur­al geni­us of rhyme schemes and clev­er word­play. Stream “The Mean­ing”  and con­nect with U‑Nik Stylez below.

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MJ Savino

MJ Savino

MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

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MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!