Poetry: ‘And I Think To Myself’
I wondered in my Black molasses skin as I heard Louis’ raspy voice lull ‘What a
Poetry: Love and Power By @PoetInitiative
Love and Power Two things that dominate our lives but aren’t that different from each other,
Poetry: ‘You Don’t Have To’ by Dasha...
No pressure, You don’t have to love me For the time spent Now not sure, Spent
Celebrating Tupac’s Birthday With His Words
Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 45 today. Not only a musician but an a actor,
The Oppressed Write Back – By Lana Bell
Lyrics Heart tissue crying to sound of its beat Beginning enters with a bass Slam my
Poetry: ‘Shadow Dance’ (#MHAW2016) by Marv...
As I fill my head with images of why this imperfection is not perfect, Navigating the
Poetry: Raindrops Can Rise! By Lana Bell
  Police everywhere. People everywhere. Bradford City centre’, a white sky of supremacy hung like death
Classic! #GlobalFaction presents… Logic &...
One is a heavy, heavy track, that much is un-doubtable. With Amy’s elevated harmonies and lyricism
Talking About Resistance, Slavery &...
I Am Hip-Hop magazine, in association with GlobalFaction, met The Last Poets for an artist to
Poetry Inspiration: The Tradition By Assata
THE TRADITION Carry it on now. Carry it on. Carry it on now. Carry it on.
Review: @ArtisticHorde Presents: Remarque Prize
  A mild autumn evening presented a gracious show of poets presenting wonderfully insightful pieces. Formal
Review: Voices of Resistance – The Mixtape Vol...
From lively spoken word about women liberation to soothing reggae music about racism, Voices of Resistance