Review: BabySoul (@babysoulsoa) ft. @Knu...

Music that speaks on rel­ev­ant issues is, in my opin­ion, the truest form of music. Why? Because it has the power to edu­cate, uplift and ener­gise people… Read more

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Intro­du­cing Selvsse. Hail­ing from South Lon­don with inter­na­tion­al roots, this young pro­du­cer has been bub­bling on the under­ground scene for a num­ber of years hav­ing… Read more

AP2P All Power To The People Tour London

Last Thursday 23rd May Brix­ton Jamm played host to AP2P aka M.1 from Dead Prez and Bön­not from Assalti Front­ali sup­port­ing this revolu­tion­ary hip hop… Read more

Guest: @EmceeKillalot #Palestine

Emcee Kil­la of Cax­ton Press joined us in the stu­dio for a chat about the path which led him to join the the highly respec­ted… Read more

Review: Akala “The Thieves Banquet”

Akala has just released his fourth album entitled The Thieves Ban­quet. Akala’s choice to recor­ded the whole album with a live band has given the… Read more

Interview With Malik And The OG’s!

Q. For people unfa­mil­i­ar with your work, what type of artist would you describe yourselves as? Malik and the OG’s are artists who aim to… Read more

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Have you ever wondered why DJ’s pick cer­tain songs to play? What story they cre­ate in their minds or how a cer­tain song makes them… Read more


I sat down with the King him­self DMC of Run DMC in his Lon­don hotel after his book sign­ing event at For­bid­den Plan­et earli­er that… Read more

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The oth­er week I caught up with Lon­don based pro­du­cer and rap­per JWhy in Cam­den. JWhy’s debut EP The Writ­ing Time has just dropped and… Read more

Review: @PharoaheMonch At @TheJazzCafe

There are some things in the world of Hip-Hop that are as good as guar­an­teed. Wu-Tang will always be for the chil­dren, DJ Premi­er will… Read more

Interview With Matt Maddox (@MattMaddox8...

Q. Tell us who Matt Mad­dox is? I’m an emcee. I am a father. I’m from Hawaii/Long Beach CA. Q. How have you evolved since Asylum Artistry?… Read more