Video + Lyrics: Trial & Error by Kahlil the Illah (@KahlilTheIllah)


Tri­al & Error

A vicious and vile serpent/ the vil­lain before the verdict/ the case always dis­missed when our chil­dren are murdered/ It’s trivi­al pursuit/ so atten­tion gets diverted/ racism is racism/ no mat­ter how it gets worded/ like a snake is still a reptile/ free men remain in exile/ that’s why we call it break revolu­tions on the textile/ exe­cu­tion of little Trey by evil for­eign projectiles/ Intel­lec­tu­ally impotent/ prey­ing on the innocent/ take em to the the highest court/ drop em in the tenement/ If you love your chil­dren you would share the same sentiment/ address is any ghetto/ sol­dier of the omnipotent/ Anti­thes­is a prowl­er was poli­cing the premises/ that tried to com­pensate for life’s last place finishes/ pro­ceeded to fol­low the path of Trayvon’s tennis’s / he knew for killing blacks in San­ford he could skip jail sentences/ Words perspire/ but this ain’t satire/ I sat­ur­ate your brain in an abyss they conspire/ a con­sequence of expired times/ It’s hell’s fire/ suit­able exe­cu­tion of exit for demonizers/ we’re not just men/ sleep­ing giants under the visor/ we’re chocol­ate dipped light years before Godiva/ over stand your place/ abori­gin­al civ­il­izer.

Verse 2

Silence is syn­onym­ous to act­ive participance/ defi­ance to depriva­tion will derail indifference/ declar­a­tion of discipline/ divine minds are glistening/ spir­itu­al awakening/ stra­tegic­ally positioning/ Where was the black/ the brown/ the Asi­an jur­or seated/ What is this 1955 tri­al of Emmit Till repeated/ What is this pub­lic transportation/ negroes back is where they’re seated/ spir­itu­al remnant/ rough rhyme lieutenant/ I pep­per spray salt in the wounds of the defendant/ the step away/ let God slay/ Shaytans ended/ a verbal sand­storm for all of Nile descendants/ empire strikes Illah/ these words are transcended/ back hand dependents/ we frac­ture all limits/ the flight of the phoenix demand­ing your attendance/ com­mon sense is careening/ that’s why Mar­tin was dreaming/ like a vul­ture stalks it prey/ but the vul­ture the one that’s screaming/ social fab­ric is descending/ inten­tion­ally demeaning/ a dis­tor­ted court reality/ where evil is fair seeming/ bru­tal­it­ies epidemic/ pro­fil­ing is systemic/ they mim­ic the child of Kemet/ invent­ive and most authentic/ a stu­dent of Bobby Hemmit/ our con­scious­ness has ascended/ stay centered cipher cylindrical/ salutes go out to Kendrick/ Ren­isha our Mona Lisa/ they hunt our off springs like Easter/ justice min­im­al to none/ where is their Moth­er Teresa.

Verse 3

This is rhyme redemption/ for 100 years of lynchings/ on every par­cel of land/ come wit­ness Tray’s ascension/ bey­ond descrip­tion a new dimension/ eas­ing your hypertension/ vital thoughts and min­er­als for men­tal malnutrition/ pre­scrip­tion for nonfiction/ the illest of crucifixions/ I’ll tackle the secrets that no one wants to mention/ fake McGyver brutalizer/ lord crack open his papaya/ was it his pig­ment­a­tion or Trayvon’s fly attire/ com­plex­ion like burnt brass/ he resembled the world’s messiah/ hell’s flames for such a liar/ car­ni­vor­ous caniver/ when justice is served/ we’ll see who’s the soul survivors/ verbal slaughter/ pseudo author has wolf tick­ets on the saucer/ memor­ies of our martyrs/ and slain sons and daughters/ pluck the feath­ers of the foul/ stay awhile and listen/ my instagrammar’s a ham­mer for opu­lus opposition/ met­ro­pol­is stop and frisk em/ broth­ers stay on your mission/ we’re super without the stitition/ Amp with ambition/ ware­hous­ing our freedoms/ the wick­ed­est proposition/ verses snuff you out the duffle/ coupled with God’s prism/ enu­mer­a­tion of facts/ mul­tiple algorithms …


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Gata Malandra
Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.

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