Video + Lyrics: Terror Bliss (@TerrorBliss) —...
‘My Mind’ (Lyr­ics + Video) The first release from the forth com­ing debut EP ‘Dont Buy This,
Interview With Mighty Moe (@MightyMoe) !
Q. You have always pro­jec­ted good ener­gies and pos­it­ive vibes in your music, from when you
Review: Ciaran Mac (@CiaranMac2014) ‘Took Your...
There’s an unfor­tu­nate opin­ion that’s far to com­mon on the hip-hop scene that rap is only
Catch-Up with I & Ideal Artist!
If you haven’t had the pleas­ure of see­ing I & Ideal Artist live, you’ve prob­ably noticed
Review: Onyx (@ONYX_HQ) Live At Jazz Café!
19.05.14  Review- Onyx  The even­ing was irrit­ably humid. Upon arrival to the Cam­den Under­ground...
Guests: @Gambit_Ace & @MikeySmith121
This week’s IAHH Show brings you a blend of tracks depict­ing love and insan­ity with a
Episode #23: Poppin’ Champagne (@dioninfinite)
Man­age Cash­flow (MC) — Take respons­ib­il­ity for your fin­an­cial future. Don’t get caught in the hype
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As a hip-hop pur­ist, I feel it’s always pos­sible to dif­fer­en­ti­ate between artists that rap because
Interview: Talking Beats and Sound with DJ Yoda...
Q. How old were you when you first star­ted mixing? I guess I was prob­ably about
Review: (@Adventures_of ) ‘Love Sick’
Real Hip-Hop music is poet­ic by nature.  Some of the best poetry I’ve ever heard has
@CaxtonPress ‘This Ain’t Living’ And...
After the acclaimed suc­cess of the debut LP ‘Shame The Dev­il’ in 2012. Cax­ton Press are proud
What Do You See? Is the debut mix­tape from Coops. It serves as just a por­tion