Rich­mond, Indi­ana nat­ive & indie Hip Hop artist Da Woat, presents his new single “WOAT Inferno.” Out now on all plat­forms the record fea­tures and is pro­duced by A‑F-R‑O. Shar­oyce bet­ter known as Da WOAT deliv­ers a cul­tiv­at­ing lyr­ic­al per­form­ance that depicts his stake and take over in Hip Hop. He flows effort­lessly over clas­sic cuts and scratches weaved with com­pel­ling arrange­ments.

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Below, Shar­oyce tells all about the single, work­ing along­side A‑F-R‑O, the Hip Hop scene in Indi­ana, and more.

In the inter­view below, the Rich­mond, Indi­ana nat­ive chops it up below about the record, link­ing with A‑F-R‑O, upcom­ing events, and more.

MJ: Before we jump right into your brand-new hit single “WOAT Inferno” intro­duce your­self to those who might not be famil­i­ar (shame on them).

Shar­oyce: Tis all good. I’m still a baby out here. I’m Shar­oyce a.k.a Da WOAT (acronym for “Wack­est of All Time”). I’m try­ing to peddle my garbage to the masses one track at a time.

MJ: You are based out of Rich­mond, Indi­ana. Tell us about the Hip Hop scene there, I know each coast or city has its own flow and man­tra.

Shar­oyce: Rich­mond is a small com­munity with roughly about 34,000 people in it. Every­one kind of knows every­one, so the com­mun­al rhythm is like that of the Heav­en’s Gate cult. I like the fact that the cost of liv­ing is so cheap, but the Hip Hop scene is non-exist­ent.

MJ: You’re not an up-and-com­ing artist, you are seasoned. Talk about that pro­gres­sion in your career.

Shar­oyce: It’s been pretty much a tri­al by error jour­ney since I star­ted jot­ting lines back in 2003. I bought a little Pro Tools set up back in 2009, where I cut my teeth on the ins-and-outs of the DAW. In 2012, I star­ted to book ses­sions at pro­fes­sion­al stu­di­os. It took me some time, but I gradu­ally learned how to con­struct a record over the years, but I’m still garbage.

MJ: Let’s get down to the new single. Take us through the pro­cess from idea to cre­ation to pro­duc­tion to final can­vas.

Shar­oyce: I’d been listen­ing to A‑F-R‑O since I caught wind of him back in 2014. The fact that one of the best rap­pers to ever grace the mic took him under his wing instantly sold me on the young guy. Over the years, I’d been reach­ing out to some of my favor­ite MCs for fea­tures and I decided to hit him up on IG. He showed love on the pro­duc­tion (w/scratches) and he even laid a verse down for me. I swiftly laid my mumble rap down and sent the ses­sion files over to my engin­eer.

MJ: Some Hip Hop legends coin A‑F-R‑0  as an indie G.O.A.T, do you con­cur?

Shar­oyce: For a legend, he’s humble. All’s I had to do was reach out to him on social media. I gave him his flowers and we pro­ceeded to get the work done. He sent me back the verse in less than a few hours.

MJ: What are your expect­a­tions for the single, and what can fans expect?

Shar­oyce: I just want the fans to know that even a low-tier ama­teur such as myself isn’t afraid to step on the track with the greatest. I expect to be crowned the worst to do it after they hear this one.

MJ: Is the single taken from a released pro­ject or one that is forth­com­ing? Will there be an upcom­ing video for the single?

Shar­oyce: I have no plans of releas­ing an album any­time soon. A video isn’t totally out of the ques­tion, but for now there are no plans for that either.

MJ: Where can fans and audi­ences catch you this sum­mer? Are any per­form­ances or events, or col­lab­or­a­tions in the works?

Shar­oyce: They’ll be able to catch me at open mics and events with­in the area. I have upcom­ing col­labs with Big Rube (Dun­geon Family/Society of Soul), Mark Battles, T‑Rell (Empire), Honey-B-Sweet, Sadz­illa, Rx The Rap­per and many oth­ers. I’d like to work with Elzhi and Kool Keith as well, so I’m work­ing on lin­ing those two up too.

MJ: Before we wrap up, can you share three essen­tial gems you live by to ensure your suc­cess con­tin­ues to move for­ward?

Shar­oyce:  Nev­er be quick to modi­fy your art due to cri­ti­cism, drink lots of water, and don’t fall behind on child sup­port because they’re lock­ing n*ggas up for that.

MJ: Is there any­thing else you want to share with the world?

Shar­oyce: Shar­oyce is WOAT. You Betta know it, fam­ily. I’ll be drop­ping new music on Band­camp soon and you can be on the Lookout for Ghost­face Mon­key­paw w/ me and Copy­write, as well as Rhy­meTyme Free­style w/ Hou­s­ton’s Viper The Rap­per.

Stream “WOAT Inferno” on Band­camp and pre­ferred plat­forms

WOAT INFERNO (feat A‑F-R‑O) | Shar­oyce Ant­wan (‑o


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MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!