Cool Tips: 5 Days to Master Your Twitter @CoolFDbeats

Day 1 : Create it and/or update it !

This first step could look funny because it is so obvi­ous. But unfor­tu­nately I come across so many accounts not updated, which is even worst than not exist­ing. Here are some simple ques­tions, and easy to solve ones as well, you could ask your­self in order to make a glob­al check point :

Is my name writ­ten cor­rectly? Do not for­get that people could be look­ing for you. They won’t try more than 3 times. So chose it or change your name to the most easy to be found. For instance, I am Cool FD, I make beats, so my twit­ter name is Coolf­d­beats. Try it, type it, you’ll find me dir­ectly.
Do I look like I am? The pro­file pic­ture is fun­da­ment­al. Could it be your face or a land­scape that reveals your state of mind, it must be a true rep­res­ent­at­ive.
What do they learn about me? Your twit­ter bio­graphy is a golden oppor­tun­ity , a large part of the people who vis­it your twit­ter pro­file will look at it. You can catch them (or make them run away) with one sen­tence. Use pre­cise words to describe what you do, what you are work­ing, what are your goals and who you are tweet­ing for. To sum up, send a clear mes­sage.
Where do I want to redir­ect my fol­low­ers? Here is the core ques­tion of the social media magic. Twit­ter (or any oth­er social media) can not (and must not) be your web­site. You can’t con­cen­trate all the main info about you. This is not why it has been built for. Struc­tur­al infos about your grind must be writ­ten on an offi­cial web­site or blog and your social media have to tar­get it like rivers into the ocean.
Now that I’m done, would they see it ? Your new twit­ter pro­file is com­plete, clev­er minded and thought for your very music busi­ness. Don’t for­get to make it appear on your oth­er social media accounts, web­site, and blog.

Day 2 : It’s a follow thing

Now that your Twit­ter pro­file is cre­ated and/or updated, you want to be heard ! That is the aim, yes indeed, but you got to learn this basic rule on twit­ter : it costs fol­lows to get fol­lows. Why ?

It’s all in the inter­ac­tions : tech­nic­ally speak­ing, Twit­ter is a mat­ter of links and con­tacts between people, through their accounts. In oth­er words, your exist­ence is ignored until you reach people. To reach them, you have to fol­low them in order to react and answer to what they post. So don’t be shy or too proud, and start fol­low­ing your tomorrow’s fol­low­ers !
Build your com­munity : this pre­cise aspect of Twit­ter is power­ful. You have the choice to fol­low who you want : those who inspire you, those who sup­port you, those are on the same level than you. To sum up, you can build a relent­less source of inform­a­tion and writ­ten facts dir­ectly con­nec­ted to your activ­ity, goals or ques­tions. Once you’re done with this #2, do not for­get to keep inter­act­ing (see #1).
Wear your Tweet List like a suit : the fol­low­ing pro­cess and all the good things that it brings must be kept rein­ven­ted at any moments of your career. This abil­ity of relent­lessly find new people to fol­low and to speak with will guar­an­tee you to find solu­tions and oppor­tun­it­ies to any prob­lems.

Day 3 : Content is king

This well known concept is so rel­ev­ant when it comes to build a Twit­ter strategy. You need to be inter­est­ing. You need to be smart and pre­cise. You need to catch the atten­tion. Your aver­age follower’s tweet timeline is updated every minute, and Twit­ter faces with 500 mil­lion Tweets each day. So if you don’t made the cut, you’re just wast­ing time. And inde­pend­ent artists can’t afford it.

Determ­ine your pur­pose : what am I about ?
Determ­ine who you want to be your read­ers : who do I tweet for ?
Engage lead­ers and influ­en­cers : men­tion the people you fol­low every time it is pos­sible and every time it is rel­ev­ant. They will help you in this quest of vis­ib­il­ity thanks to men­tions and RTs. And then, your con­tent will speak for itself.

Day 4 : a bunch of powerful side tools

At this step of your weekly chal­lenge to mas­ter your Twit­ter account, it’s time to focus on the little things that can make the dif­fer­ences in this Twit­ter jungle. Of course, these tools can be handled in so many ways. So most import­ant thing is that you con­sider them and start think­ing about them as power­ful tools. Here are the ways I use some of them :

Hasht­ags : depend­ing on your con­tent and your activ­it­ies, you can cre­ate rel­ev­ant hasht­ags and keep stick­ing to them. The more vis­ible you become, the more use­ful these hasht­ags will be for your fol­low­ers and fans. That’s also a good way to build your­self as a brand and / or as an influ­en­cer, which is, accord­ing to me, the main stake of this Twit­ter game for inde­pend­ent artists.
Favour­ite Tweets : I use this func­tion as a remind­er, a « to check list ». When I see a rel­ev­ant link or an audio I don’t want to miss, I favour­ite the Tweet and be back at it later.
RTs : this func­tion deserves a whole blog post, but to sum up, I use it to spread the work of the artists I appre­ci­ate. The edit func­tion of RTs is, there­fore, very import­ant since you can pre­cise why you RT this or that inform­a­tion.
Lists : to be totally hon­est,  I star­ted to study and use this func­tion just weeks ago. So far, I’ve been able to under­line at least 2 func­tions of it. First, it’s a smart way to organ­ize the people in your twit­ter account, and have a focused look on what a pre­cise cat­egory. This can also put you as a per­son of net­work, by giv­ing an access to your fol­low­er to who is import­ant and use­ful to fol­low as well.
The search func­tion : don’t miss a tweet about any­thing you need, could it be blog posts about your music or job research ! Edit­ing a tweet research is very easy, and some cool advice are avail­able on the Inter­net to push this func­tion even for­ward.

Day 5 : one Twitter, two steps

I’m pretty sure you’re now con­vinced that tweet­ing is totally not only about spam­ming your latest Sound­cloud release or You­tube new visu­al. It’s much more than that and it can give you back real bene­fits that go way bey­ond your own hopes. A com­plete tool like Twit­ter require a com­fort­able user exper­i­ence. Try these two steps and lemme know your feed­back ! : if you’re new to Twit­ter, you should def­in­itely spend some time on the offi­cial Twit­ter web­site first. You’ll find all the func­tions men­tioned in this art­icle, in a very nice lay­out. Smart­phone user ? It’s all good with the mobile app too (I per­son­ally use it too when i’m not behind my PC screen).
Tweet­deck : this won­der­ful tool allows you to see your time line, men­tions, researches and more at the same time. It really improved my Twit­ter exper­i­ence and I highly recom­mend it. It is import­ant to notice that it is totally pos­sible to use your Twit­ter app and Tweet­deck, depend­ing on what aspect of your Twit­ter strategy you’re on at the moment.
5 days to mas­ter your Twit­ter account . This is my own vis­ion of this power­ful social media, of course many oth­er ways exist and are still to be dis­covered.

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Gata Malandra

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Gata is a music and arts lov­er, stud­ied anthro­po­logy, art man­age­ment and media pro­duc­tion ded­ic­at­ing most of her time to cre­at­ive pro­jects pro­duced by No Bounds.
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Gata Malandra
Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.

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