New Music: Ashem ‘Hip Hop Ashtrumentals’

Pro­du­cer Ashem releases new instru­ment­al album ‘Hip Hop Ashtru­ment­als’. In his own words: “I just felt inspired by that early/mid 90’s boom bap sound that I… Read more

Review: UK B-Boy Championships 2017

There’s a buzz that goes through the Lon­don hip hop dance scene when the UK B-BOY CHAM­PI­ON­SHIPS  comes around for its yearly event.  A Hip-Hop… Read more

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Hasan Salaam (@Hasa...

Has­an Salaam has had a repu­ta­tion as an intel­lec­tu­al, polit­ic­al agit­at­or, rad­ic­al edu­cat­or and potent emcee for a long time now. More recently though, espe­cially… Read more

Knowledge Session: Who Was Manco Inca?

MAY 6, 1536: START OF NATION­AL LIB­ER­A­TION WAR LEADED BY MAN­CO INCA Man­co Inca Yupan­qui (1516–1544) (Man­qu Inka Yupanki in Quechua) was one of the Incas of Vil­cabam­ba. He was… Read more

Interview: @TCOHHL_Radio Meet Apex Zero!

**Sponsored by 80’s Uni­ver­sity Appar­el (** On this epis­ode of TCOH­HL (The Chron­icles of a Hip Hop Legend) Radio show, we kicked it with long­time… Read more

Interview : Big Daddy Kane (@bigdaddykan...

BIG. DADDY. KANE. Prob­ably the most hip hop name ever. If you don’t know this fig­ure, here are some facts to meas­ure the weight of… Read more

Are Egos The Death of Hip-Hop?

You’ve heard them all before. Those songs where a good rap sing­er sings the raps well about how good he is. Hell, if you’re an… Read more

Event: Spoek Mathambo (@SPOEK_MATHAMBO) ...

Spoek Math­am­bo Live Lon­don Rich Mix May 20th 2017, 8pm There is little doubt that South Africa is one of the most excit­ing music­al hubs in the… Read more

New Music: Dialectic ‘Pillars Of Wisdom’

Dia­lectic is an up and com­ing, 22 year-old Amer­ic­an born hip hop artist of Pakistani des­cent who has grown up and lived in Toron­to, Canada… Read more

Ultimate Artists (@UltArtists): Enroll...

ULTI­MATE ARTISTS RETURNS FOR 2017! Hav­ing worked as con­test­ant vocal coaches on shows such as “The Voice UK” and “X- Factor” — Joshua Alamu knows a… Read more

Review: Jedi Mind Tricks (@jmthiphop) Li...

“A lot of emcees…a lot of rap­pers out there, you know, they lucky to spit one hot verse, may­be drop an EP.  man Vin­nie Paz… Read more

Review: ‘Finding Fatimah’ Highlights...

This mod­ern age romantic com­edy, ‘Find­ing Fatimah’ is actu­ally quite refresh­ing as it did not take itself too ser­i­ously.  Cour­ageously address­ing many stig­mas in the… Read more