Taylor Bee, Hip Hop Queen, Raising Awareness Through the Lost Element of Knowledge @BeeTV

Taylor Bee is a woman, CEO, Entre­pren­eur, and Act­iv­ist who lives her life ded­ic­ated to Hip Hop and pay­ing trib­ute to the cul­ture via edu­ca­tion and elev­a­tion.  In a world some­times con­sumed with neg­at­iv­ity and fears, it is refresh­ing to cel­eb­rate an empower­ing lead­er! 


MJ:  First and fore­most let me begin by quot­ing a simple motto of yours that invites women every­where to shine, “Queenz Up!”  How did this simple yet pro­found motto evolve?

TB: Well first and fore­most thank you for hav­ing me on MJ, and let me com­mend you on the great work that you do. You are a true war­ri­or for artists and Hip Hop as a whole, so Queenz Up to you! We know Hip Hop is male dom­in­ated like so many oth­er things, and often times we as women in the industry are pit­ted as com­pet­it­ors against one anoth­er. I wanted the women in the industry to have a stronger bond in sis­ter­hood rather than always feel­ing like we have to com­pete with each oth­er. Most people know that I am affil­i­ated with Hell Razah, Queen The Proph­et, and GGO.  Razah’s coined phrase is Wingz Up, so I star­ted say­ing Queenz Up, nat­ur­ally as a way to salute the ladies and build camarader­ie with one anoth­er. Every­one loved the idea and “Queenz Up” has been spread­ing ever since!

MJ: You are an amaz­ing woman who sup­ports so many oth­er empowered women in both per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al jour­neys, hence “Queenz Up”.  Do you feel you are embraced by oth­er women, young women, and teen­agers?

TB: In most of my exper­i­ences yes, I am embraced by most of the young women I meet. I have encountered a great deal of young women who are so smart and have so many ideas and poten­tial and some who are already bring­ing those ideas to fruition becom­ing young Entre­pren­eurs. As far as peers in the industry there have been some not so pleas­ant ener­gies but that’s okay too that’s why I stay pos­it­ive and con­tin­ue to push “Queenz Up”. I feel every­one brings some­thing dif­fer­ent to the table and there is room for us all, I want us all to win.

MJ: Take it back for us. When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop? At what point in your life did that love trans­form into a mis­sion for you?

TB: Well I am a true Hip Hop head! I can remem­ber first listen­ing to Hip Hop, the real emcees were on the scene like KRS One (who is my birth­day twin), Rakim, and BDK.  So that is the era I remem­ber start­ing out and peace to all the real ones! But I would be amiss if I don’t men­tion the Wu-Tang Clan which is my favor­ite group of all time.  I feel in love with Hip Hop for real when I heard Meth­od Man spit­ting M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN! It was a wrap after that, and I’ve been die hard Wu fan ever since. In 2014 is when I really star­ted enga­ging with­in the industry and met Hell Razah and everything I’ve done since sparked from that.

MJ: I want to talk about BEE TV, which is an incred­ible plat­form for so many people of all walks of life! Give us the who, what, when, where, how, and why of BEE TV.

TB: So Bee TV is my second child! I have always been the one to dig deep­er and want to find the truth about real black his­tory and over­all truth about the world. I was pro­mot­ing for Hell Razah at the time and on my page all you would see is my pro­mo­tion and things about world his­tory and injustices and dif­fer­ent things like that. Some­thing was brew­ing in me and I felt I needed a big­ger plat­form to let it all out. So I came up with Bee TV: A Plat­form for the Truth, this was in June of 2016. Our Mis­sion is to fuse con­scious Hip Hop with the truth in order to raise aware­ness in the com­munity. My first inter­view was with The Mighty Hebrew, and we did the inter­view in a park in North Philly and it was amaz­ing and was so well received. The rest is his­tory from there!

MJ:  Being a woman who absorbs each ele­ment of Hip Hop as a way of life, I’m very curios to learn your thoughts on the stance of Hip Hop in 2018, from the music to the cul­ture.

TB: Well I believe the music and the cul­ture go hand in hand, and that is what wor­ries me about Hip Hop in 2018. I believe the con­tent that is being force fed to the masses is not real Hip Hop, rather a genre of rap that I clas­si­fy as Trap/Pop Rap. I would not dis­respect real emcees and the cre­ativ­ity that they all branded by call­ing this main­stream trap/pop genre Hip Hop. I’m old school and biased and I don’t have a prob­lem stat­ing that. I also feel as though these artists don’t even really pay homage or respect the older Gods of Hip Hop. So I have a strict policy of NO Trap/Pop genre music on my show, peri­od! It is okay to have fun in Hip Hop and have a bal­ance but their music in my opin­ion is straight pois­on, everything from the fre­quency of the beats to the not so lyr­ic­al con­tent. I would be a hypo­crite to have a plat­form pro­mot­ing teach­ing and elev­a­tion and then play some of what’s being pushed out now by the major­ity of artists today.

MJ: What is under­way for Taylor Bee? What are some upcom­ing pro­jects or busi­ness endeavors we can look for­ward to?

TB: Bee TV has a lot in store this year! The Mini Series Bee Cause starts in March (offi­cial date TBD). The oth­er Mini Series are open for Artists and Entre­pren­eurs as well. I am col­lab­or­at­ing on a pro­ject with Uneeke Ken­et­ic, an artist from Trenton, NJ. “Hid­den Know­ledge” volume 3 (drop­ping this sum­mer), will fea­ture myself on the entire album, and I have a few solo joints on there includ­ing the theme music that I wrote for Bee Cause. I am very excited about writ­ing music again. That is some­thing I thought I would not do again, and I have to say I owe that to Hip Hop class of 2018 (lol).  it is so hor­rible now that it sparked me to come out of hiberna­tion, and I wanted theme music for my show so who bet­ter to write it than me?! Also the God Uneeke Ken­et­ic sparked me and my cre­ativ­ity has been flow­ing ever since.

MJ: “3 game”, play along …3 artists in your per­son­al playl­ist? 3 influ­ences, per­son­al or music­ally? 3 places you would like to bring BEE TV to?

TB: 3 Artist in my per­son­al playl­ist are Hell Razah, Wu-Tang Clan, and Nas. 3 influ­ences both pro­fes­sion­ally and music­ally have to be Hell Razah, Rza, and Free­dom Fight­ing Ancest­ors.  3 places you will find Bee TV is run­ning pro­grams that teach the youth the true and prop­er his­tory, as well as giv­ing them life les­sons to help sur­vive in this world.  Bee TV will also grow to be a known pil­lar in the com­munity for bring­ing empower­ment and unity to all people! Finally, I’d like to see the Mini Series syn­dic­ated and being listened to by the masses, we all need more pos­it­iv­ity in our lives!

MJ: As we wrap up is there any­thing else you want the world to know about Taylor Bee?

TB: I just want to let every­one know that any­thing you put your mind to is pos­sible. Don’t let neg­at­iv­ity and naysay­ers make you bury your dreams and aspir­a­tions! I do this from the heart and for the people, my word is my bond, and I want us all to win. Let’s learn how to sup­port one anoth­er and genu­inely build a bet­ter tomor­row for the babies! Thank you MJ for the oppor­tun­ity to get my mes­sage out there! #Wing­zUp #Queen­zUp

MJ: Thank you for tak­ing the time out for this inter­view, Queenz Up!





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MJ Savino

MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

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MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!