Has Nicki Minaj Lost Her Looking *SS Mind?

Music is about art, and a lot of the time the art is cri­ti­cised for cross­ing new bound­ar­ies. Well hip-hop super­star Nicki Minaj has done this with her new song “Look­ing Ass N*gga”. The title only of the song is already a prob­lem, unfor­tu­nately and wrongly, the deadly n-word has become a col­lo­qui­al term. Rap­pers use it, your aver­age Joe uses it, the word fea­tures in memes and even Madon­na uses it, towards her own white son!

But this isn’t about how Nicki uses the word as the title of the song, or how it con­tinu­ously fea­tures through­out the song. No. This is about the art­work used for the song. Someone on the Team Minaj has edited and jux­ta­posed a pic­ture of deceased black min­ster and human rights act­iv­ist Mal­colm X with a gun and the title “Look­ing Ass N*gga”.

Wheth­er this is for pro­mo­tion or just pure ignor­ance this is dis­gust­ing! Nicki Minaj as an Afric­an Amer­ic­an female should be able to draw the line between try­ing to be innov­at­ive in selling her art and embar­rass­ing her­self and dis­respect­ing her race! I’m not in sup­port of the usage of the word at all but, I’ve come to accept that it will not be erad­ic­ated any time soon, but the pure ignor­ance and the stu­pid­ity of the pic­ture, I can­not accept.

Using the word is one thing, but try­ing asso­ci­ate a role mod­el for many people of all races with a word with such awful and racist con­nota­tions is unthink­able. Minaj is seen as role mod­el, but what type of role mod­el does this rep­res­ent? The song is some sort of fem­in­ist state­ment. Minaj basic­ally ridicules male “stun­ters”, which is fair. It’s a form of artist­ic expres­sion. So why belittle the image of Mal­colm X? Was he not fight­ing for equal­ity? Every­one who was apart of this pro­ject do need to look at them­selves and think about what they have done. And Nicki Minaj needs to remem­ber that unfor­tu­nately she is a role mod­el.



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