Interview: Kickin’ It With @Infecta

infectaInfecta is a self pro­claimed spir­itu­ally aligned cre­at­ive human­it­ari­an who believes in people being indi­vidu­als and reach­ing their full poten­tial. He has shown con­tin­ued pro­gres­sion through­out his music career, and there’s much more to come !

What motiv­ated you to start mak­ing music and what motiv­ates you to keep it up now?

I was motiv­ated to start mak­ing music when I was being bul­lied for my accent in sec­ond­ary school since I’d recently come to Lon­don from Lagos. My broth­er & sis­ter star­ted show­ing me artist like Daft Punk, Out­Kast, Missy Elli­ot and more. I was par­tic­u­larly drawn to Missy and in 2008 when Grime was born and the bluetooth/in­fa-red era began people will spit bars in the play­ground. I’d listen to Nas, Missy Elli­ot & Out­Kast and get gassed so one day I decided to write my own lyr­ics over Missy Elli­ot — Funky Fresh and the next day I shared it in one of the play­ground cyphers and the reac­tion was insane; the people that bul­lied me star­ted rat­ing me and kids that did­n’t know me where repeat­ing my words. That feel­ing was spe­cial. I held on to it. What motiv­ates me to keep mak­ing music now is primar­ily not let­ting any­one down. I don’t want to be that guy you bump into and ask “how’s your cre­at­ive career?” Only for them to tell you some­thing like “I quit” nev­er.

What do you do to give back to the com­munity ?

Since sec­ond­ary school after a friend of mine passing away and me being told by an adven­ture play­ground work­er at the time to “get used to it” (which I refuse to do) I star­ted youth work­ing and volun­teer­ing 1st with the Catch 22: Kick­Start youth club; based in Rock­ing­ham, behind my school Globe Academy (Geof­frey Chau­cer Tech­no­logy Col­lege then) then with Prince’s Trust as a young ambas­sad­or where I got to per­form in front of HRH The Queen, speak to Prince Charles and many more dig­nit­ar­ies rep­res­ent­ing young, black, males from middle class/deprived areas. Even­tu­ally work­ing with BBC 21cc to teach young people from Primary right up to Uni­ver­sity Media Skills and finally work­ing with St Chris­topher­’s Fel­low­ship help­ing home­less young people, run­aways & those in foster care.

Along­side your music, you also design cloth­ing and write. How do you find bal­ance   ?

I guess the bal­ance comes from the primary fact that Music is the key. It is the pri­or­ity and the source where all oth­er cre­ations come from — in my case. So I’ll write or record a song then sketch some­thing which I cam then make into a design or I’ll take a break from all those by simply listen­ing to music by oth­er artist with­in UK (I’m big on sup­port­ing my own I think we need to sup­port our loc­al.) and dur­ing that time I’ll write a short story based entirely on fic­tion.

What do you want your leg­acy to be ?

I want my leg­acy to be that I achieved everything through God.

How has your depres­sion in the past, influ­enced you’re music today?

My past has influ­enced my present by a land­slide, in a pos­it­ive man­ner. My music is more mature, clean, simple, in deliv­ery and cre­ation and the end res­ult is now atmo­spher­ic, ambi­ent and altern­at­ive but still Rap (rhythm and poetry). Before it used to be loud, very pop-friendly and always happy. But now it has lay­ers, tex­ture to it …I take time with it, I don’t rush for noth­ing. It has to be done prop­erly not just done. At first com­ing out of hos­pit­al I was wor­ried that I’m not doing it the same but now I under­stand that I’m doing it bet­ter. It is also some­thing I use to influ­ence oth­ers now I recently did a BBC doc­u­ment­ary with Steph­en Fry — The Not So Secret Life of A Man­ic Depress­ive; 10 Years On.

What motiv­ates you to get up in the morn­ing?

My Bless­ings, those that I already have and those that are wait­ing for me to go out and claim. That’s what motiv­ates me each day.

Where has been your best live per­form­ance, and what made it so spe­cial to you ?

TEDxEastEnd Talk. The Oval Space. 2015. Everything about it, just watch it online and you’ll see why. For me it felt like that moment: a star is born.  It was their 1st TED Talk in Lon­don and they had asked me to be one of the head­lines along side people like Chase & Status/Basment Jaxx can­’t remeber exactly but as I said just see for your­self. It was spe­cial.


If you could give a piece of advice to your young­er self, what would it be?

Hmmm… To my young­er self; “fin­ish your elec­tric­al engin­eer­ing” that’s the only thing.

If you could do a fea­ture with any artist in the world, which one would you pick?

Phar­rell Wil­li­ams

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Adam KG

Adam KG

Adam KG is a young man with a broad per­spect­ive on the world and an even broad­er skills set; cur­rently pur­su­ing a career in recruit­ment whilst on the oth­er hand he is also record­ing, per­form­ing and review­ing rap across the UK.

About Adam KG

Adam KG
Adam KG is a young man with a broad perspective on the world and an even broader skills set; currently pursuing a career in recruitment whilst on the other hand he is also recording, performing and reviewing rap across the UK.