@ArtUnderTheHood Interview Series: 5 Minutes with Jo Peel

Q. Can you describe what your interpretation of Art is?

I suppose my interpretation of Art is getting the information inside my head out and  sharing it – it doesn’t necessarily have to be shared but creatively I like to express myself and I am not very good with words lol so I use pictures to think visually. So when I get a piece of paper in front of me I just love to draw and it just happens.

Q. And then those Drawings go up on massive huge walls about the place?

Lol Yeah.. I think the big walls thing is because I like being outside and I like the physical nature of pushing yourself. You lose yourself in the reality of making a piece of work so you don’t have time to really think about the finer details and dealing with things so that makes it more fun.

Q. That’s great! So you lose yourself in it, but do you find yourself at the end of it?

I am never lost or found really I am just level… maybe!

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Q. Do you consider it helpful at anytime in the process of creating a piece to ask yourself if you have learnt anything about you – is that something you would consider?

I don’t normally think about myself during or when I am making an Artwork. I don’t know I guess I am very practical about it and its just a case of making the piece work and trying to get it down in the way I have envisaged it. Yeah I don’t really like to look back on a piece of work I like to move forward on to the next one, I keep learning and keep improving.

Q. So the action & actual doing is the process for you then?


Q. A question I consider quite important to Artists generally and it may be specific to you – I have met with many Artists who have what I call an inner critic – like a sub aspect of themselves – does Jo Peel have her own inner critic or ever had an inner critic?

Yeah constantly, I think that’s why I don’t look back on my work. If I look back I kind of hate it because its done and its out there and the next piece is always gonna be better and I am always gonna improve.

Q.  It already is what it is leave it be – is that what you are saying?

Yeah you’ve made a mistake that’s cool just get on with it and do something better.

Q. That’s part of learning too right?

Yeah I don’t dwell on it or beat myself up about it! I just always think I have something better to do and I have not got there yet and that’s really exciting for me and keeps me going.

Q. So kind of elaborating on a similar sort of question then – Lets reflect back to when we first met and you were doing a three week project to condense into a 3 minute animation at Village underground. So if I were to say now reflecting back on that how do you feel about that – is there an inner critic there saying “well it was alright, its not good enough – Could do better…? Or do you look back and smile and say Wow I created that?

Yeah Pretty Much. I try not to watch it and I don’t really look at it I just sort of think that I am glad I managed to do it I suppose and I have learned a lot.  I had never done anything like it before so I was learning and was pleased with what I did but if I watch it again all I see is the mistakes lol or I don’t see anything. Maybe when I am like 80 I will look back and go “Oh Actually that was alright!” 

Q. So what would be the next big challenge then for Jo Peel?

No challenges yet I think once I have just finished something I am sort of happy because of having finished.

Q. Bit like a winding down period then?

Yeah – edit the footage, get on with my next show and go for a big walk somewhere…

Q. Flick a Frizbee or Fly a Kite maybe?

Yeah I like those things and just chill out. I really enjoying being with friends and hanging out.

Q. Good Stuff!  Do you have anyone you would like to give a shout out to or a message to or anyone you want to say something to?

I just want to say a massive massive thanks to everyone who helped out on the project I have just done because they were literally the most incredible people with patience and tolerance who put up with coming and helping me in snow blizzards when the paint froze!  It was really hard work so thanks to everyone at The Red Quarters and everyone who helped out as I actually enjoyed it because they were there.   Massive thanks to Gary at Alternative London for making everything so nice for us.

For more info and images please visit  Ben Oakley Gallery and Joe Peel Website


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Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.
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Gata Malandra
Gata is a music and arts lover, studied anthropology, art management and media production dedicating most of her time to creative projects produced by No Bounds.

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