“Inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed Roots-Reg­gae artist Natty announces the release of ‘Release The Fear: Sac­red Jour­ney’, a vivid and power­ful docu-jour­ney fol­low­ing a group of accom­plished act­iv­ists and cre­at­ives as they trek deep with­in the Amazon rain­forest in search of a spir­itu­al awaken­ing.

Guided by Natty, ‘Release the Fear: The Sac­red Jour­ney’ intim­ately chron­icles the evol­u­tion of spoken word artist Shareefa Energy, DJ Snuff, and Filmmaker/Emcee Apex Zero as they are phys­ic­ally and men­tally pushed to their lim­its by the harsh ter­rain of the Amazon. They par­ti­cip­ate in ancient heal­ing tra­di­tions of the indi­gen­ous Piraoa people, embra­cing the tra­di­tion­al Yopo cere­mony, travel to sac­red ances­tral sites and jour­ney through a stun­ning land­scape of pink beaches, red water­falls and sac­red moun­tains.”


Above is the descrip­tion of the doc­u­ment­ary which can be found here, but let me just say the descrip­tion barely touches the sur­face of this amaz­ing jour­ney. With so many views on Plant Spir­it Heal­ing Medi­cines and their Psy­cho­trop­ic prop­er­ties it is hard to get any answers. Funny thing is most Plant Spir­it Heal­ing Medi­cines are illeg­al in most parts of the world. How­ever, phar­ma­ceut­ic­al medi­cines that cause adverse effects to our bod­ies, minds or both are leg­al. In a lot cases of “pre­scribed” medi­cines they are more of a plaster than a cure. Why? This is my per­son­al view, if you cure your patient then why do they need to come back? For instance, psy­che­delics were used and being sci­en­tific­ally explored just after the mid 1900’s in the field of psy­cho­ther­apy. How­ever, before they could get off the ground, they were banned in the 1970’s. I will not go fur­ther into it here as it isn’t the time or place how­ever research it your­self as it goes deep. But I digress. Des­pite the PSHM’s [Plant Spir­it Heal­ing Medi­cines] being mostly illeg­al in many coun­tries some­how, they didn’t want to stay hid­den. Espe­cially with pion­eers like Ter­ence Mck­enna who trav­elled the world and exper­i­enced the power of PSHM’s. Mck­enna bought back this know­ledge, find­ings and his interoperations…which can be a bit over­whelm­ing and out there. How­ever, what is very clear is that PSHM’s have the power and poten­tial to actu­ally heal [no pun inten­ded] the mind, body & soul.

Over the last dec­ade there has been a big boom in PSHM’s for instance Ayahuasca Ther­apy. This has now become increas­ingly pop­u­lar so much so that Ayahuasca is becom­ing extinct. Not just from over­con­sump­tion but also because the Rain­forest where they are indi­gen­ous are being decim­ated. I myself haven’t had a chance to try Ayahuasca and now will most likely nev­er will. Also, there is the danger of “fake” Sham­ans or “Spir­itu­al Retreats” where people have repor­ted on hav­ing hor­rif­ic exper­i­ences, psy­che­del­ic­ally and in extreme cases phys­ic­ally abused so they nev­er try it again. This is because these PSHM’s Cere­mon­ies come from a long line of ances­try. Only the chosen/not-chosen Sham­ans [this is very complex…but long story short you can’t choose to be Sham­an it chooses you] are taught the power of the PSHM’s and how to admin­is­ter them. Sham­ans respect where the PSHM’s come from and that they leave the body vul­ner­able. That is why ‘Release the Fear: The Sac­red Jour­ney’ is essen­tial as it shows one of the Plant Spir­it Heal­ing Medi­cine Cere­mony in its ori­gin­al form.

This Docu-Jour­ney as they call it high­lights the pil­grim­age to the site of the cere­mony. What their exper­i­ence with Yopo was and how it awakened their minds, bod­ies and souls. This pil­grim­age takes them across the jungle which is one cru­cial part of the whole experience/journey. By embark­ing on the pil­grim­age it pushes your mind, body, & soul, it feels almost as if the PSHM’s want you to want them. Apex does an amaz­ing job doc­u­ment­ing as much as he can with lim­ited power outlets…he is in the jungle at the end of the day. Cap­tur­ing the won­ders of the Jungle, passing amaz­ing land­scapes, sac­red sites, loc­al cuisine, and the group’s over­all jour­ney. Walk­ing for hours at a time through the Jungle, tak­ing rest stops in lakes and rivers. All the while their guide Miguel edu­cated them on won­ders of the Jungle as well as the dam­age being done out of greed and over con­sump­tion. Which in turn impacts the life of those that have lived in har­mony with the Jungle for many, many gen­er­a­tions. When they do have the Cere­mony, it is not recor­ded as no PSHM Cere­mony should be. This is some­thing ancient and very sac­red and calls for the respect of Moth­er Gaia/Nature and the PSHM itself. Once the Cere­mony was com­plete the par­ti­cipants elab­or­ate on what they had exper­i­enced, which in all fair­ness they did they best they can. As going through some­thing like this espe­cially if it is the first time is very intense and takes time to really pro­cess it all. Each exper­i­ence for the indi­vidu­al is dif­fer­ent from the next, which is so amaz­ing as it proves just how unique we truly are. What is very clear this jour­ney changed their lives in mul­tiple of ways for the bet­ter.

After the screen­ing we had the pleas­ure and hon­our to speak with Miguel and Sham­an Rufino with a Q&A ses­sion. I have nev­er been apart of a Q&A per­son­ally that gave me so much insight. It was also so amaz­ing to speak with a true Sham­an, and the insights he provides are price­less. For instance, Sham­an Rufino expresses the reas­on why things like Cov­id-19 can exist. What he touches on is how we in cur­rent soci­ety live off death [some­thing that I have been stat­ing for a while with­in my circles] and we do not give the Plan­et time to heal but still take and in a dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount and nev­er con­sume.

If your inter­ested to know more about this side of the life this is the watch for you. Or if you are already on your Jour­ney then I highly recom­mend the Live Screen­ing with the Q&A. I had my own ques­tions that I wanted to ask and Sham­an Rufino was more than happy to answer. Did I find what I was look­ing for? Simple answer is…Yes!

Below you will find the links for the Docu-Jour­ney, the Live Screen­ing with the full Q&A & oth­er rel­at­ive links.

To watch just the Docu-Jour­ney click here.

To watch the Docu-Jour­ney and Q&A [starts from 50:47] click here.

For more details on Orinoco Aven­tur­as click here.

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Jay St Paul

Jay St Paul AKA Uncle JuJu is Founder & CEO of Hi…Creativity LTD | Dee­jay | Graph­ic Design­er | Illus­trat­or | Journ­al­ist | Writer | Pod­cast Host | Radio Presenter. Born and raised in West Lon­don Jay has always found love and solace in being cre­at­ive and express­ing him­self. Always look­ing to improve where he can and look­ing to learn new things as that is the jour­ney of being a cre­at­ive.

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Jay St Paul
Jay St Paul AKA Uncle JuJu is Founder & CEO of Hi...Creativity LTD | Deejay | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Journalist | Writer | Podcast Host | Radio Presenter. Born and raised in West London Jay has always found love and solace in being creative and expressing himself. Always looking to improve where he can and looking to learn new things as that is the journey of being a creative.