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MJ here with one of NY’s top entre­pren­eurs mak­ing some heavy hit­ting power moves across the globe!  I have the pleas­ure to chop it up with Jes Blaze, who is Hip Hop devotee, radio own­er & host, event plan­ner & host, and man­ager!  First and fore­most, thank you for tak­ing time away from your upcom­ing show­cases for this inter­view.  For those that might not be famil­i­ar, tell every­one who Jes Blaze is…

JB: Jes Blaze is just a simple around the way girl that’s just been mol­ded dif­fer­ently due to early life exper­i­ences. I’m a Biker (been rid­ing for 10yrs), Moth­er and Wife. I’m extremely out­spoken and a multi task­er. I always aim to help oth­ers, some­times more than myself. I’m com­pas­sion­ate but don’t f*** with me or f*** me over!

MJ:  I want to take it back and give the fans a little his­tory.  Tell us a little bit about your upbring­ing.  I know that you are very fam­ily ori­ent­ated, as well as a true New York­er!  I bet you get that a lot.  What comes to mind when people tell you that?  How do you define a true New York­er?

JB: I’m the young­est of 5; 3 sis­ters and 1 broth­er. My broth­er tried his hard­est to make me a boy. He wanted a little broth­er, got me and said I’m still going to treat you like a boy, hence my men­tal way of think­ing.  I have the men­tal­ity of a Man, yet always a lady.  I was and still am spoiled being the young­est I always get my way. Fam­ily is everything to me!  Whenev­er I leave New York to anoth­er state my New York accent, as they say gives it away.  I’m Street Smart NY, sur­viv­al of the fit­test! New York is a grind state and every­one is always on the go so you have to keep up.  They say if you can sur­vive liv­ing in New York you can sur­vive any­where, and I sur­vived leav­ing home at 15 when I thought I was grown. I was work­ing by 15, and had a car and a crib at 16. It wasn’t easy but it built me Ford tough!

MJ:  When would you say music became a key ele­ment in your life? Is there someone you cred­it that to?  What point did you declare to pur­sue the music industry as a career?

JB: My broth­er, I have 3 sis­ters but was always with my broth­er. He would always play rap from the legends and make me recite the lyr­ics! From Slick Rick’s ” Chil­dren’s Story”, to Rob Base’s ” Joy and Pain” I loved it! I loved the energy, the beats, and the lyr­ics, I was amazed at how cre­at­ive someone can be by telling a story.  About 2 years ago I was asked to be a host for an online radio show. I did it for a few months and things went south. I decided it was best that I part ways but then I thought to myself “what now”?  “Do I just stop doing radio, that’s it, it’s just tem­por­ary?”  My hus­band told me to con­tin­ue per­us­ing it that I was on a good wave and people liked me. I agreed and said I think I can do this myself. I always push myself and chal­lenge myself to new feats. So I went ahead and did extens­ive research about radio and just star­ted my show. Of course there were many bumps along the road but I saw it as a test of my strength of wheth­er I can do this or not!!

MJ:  Let’s talk about the very first time you were live on the air.  What emo­tions were run­ning through you? Fast for­ward to the present, share the level of suc­cess No Fil­ter Radio Show is receiv­ing in such a short peri­od of time through­out the U.S. and inter­na­tion­ally!

JB: I was nervous as all hell! See I’ve always been shy, until one day I woke up and said “F*** what people think”! (Snapple fact) I kept think­ing, “I’m going to run out of things to say”, or “I’m going to stut­ter”. But as time passed I star­ted to become one with the mic! it’s sort of became second nature to me and I felt so com­fort­able and some­what power­ful that I have a plat­form and people are listen­ing to me. I look for­ward to every Sunday to jump on the mic and share my thoughts with oth­ers. I’m bey­ond humbled at the suc­cess I have received.

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MJ:  I admire you, praise you, sup­port you, and have the upmost respect for you.  Not only have you taken the air­waves by storm by provid­ing a plat­form for up and com­ing Indie Artists to be recog­nized, but you con­tin­ue to dis­cuss con­tro­ver­sial top­ics and news the world would rather sweep under the rug and close eyes and ears to.  That takes cour­age, con­fid­ence, and stam­ina!  Why has it become a mis­sion of yours to bring such top­ics to light?  Have you exper­i­enced neg­at­ive reac­tions because of that?

JB: Thank you so much for that! I appre­ci­ate you! Soci­ety keeps liv­ing with this blanket over their faces and unfor­tu­nately over their kids as well. I feel like so many things need to be addressed rather than for­got­ten about. that’s what “aware­ness” is about. So I figured with my show I’d take full advant­age. Also I speak about things people only think about because they’re afraid to speak on it. so you can say I’m like a breath of fresh air for them.  I’ve had some neg­at­ive feed­back, but opin­ions are like a**holes, every­one’s got them so I can only respect it and keep it push­ing. See people need to under­stand that every­one isn’t going to like what you do or say and that’s ok. you just can’t allow that to define who you are. I stand firm by everything I say. My pops always told me “If you’re 100% cer­tain about some­thing fight to the death when it comes to explain­ing but if you aren’t, shut the hell up!”

MJ:  Would you con­sider your­self a role mod­el to young women and to women who are pur­su­ing a career in a male dom­in­ated industry?

JB: I’d like to think so. there’s that say­ing, “Someone is always watch­ing”. I tell young girls to be con­fid­ent at all times! Stand by what you believe in and don’t let any­one tell you, you can’t do it. There are some men who are intim­id­ated by strong intel­li­gent women, I’m not one for prov­ing to oth­ers but in this sense you have to go a little harder because you will be tested. Don’t fold!

MJ:  Take this time to let every­one know about the inde­pend­ent show­cases and con­tests you put on monthly for artists.  You are doing so much more than provid­ing an oppor­tun­ity for artists to be heard, you are also provid­ing them with the knowhow and con­fid­ence to pro­gress in the music industry. Talk about that.

JB: My monthly show­cases thank­fully have been suc­cess­ful for about a year now. Again I love help­ing people and giv­en my plat­form I wanted to give artists an oppor­tun­ity to show what they’re really about. How­ever, they per­form not only to show their skills on the mic but for chances to win either a art­icle write up, stu­dio time, or Inter­view. So it pushes them to go a little harder. I tend to devel­op a rela­tion­ship with most artists. Con­struct­ive cri­ti­cism is import­ant!  I tell them if you can’t take cri­tique from me and are try­ing to make it up top, they’ll eat you alive! I’m hon­est about their music no sug­ar coat­ing. if it’s bad I’ll let you know! I’m proud to say I broke an artist, Wyen Solo, into the U.S. from the United King­dom. I opened up many doors for her and that alone lets me know that I’m doing what I should be doing.

MJ:  Can you share with fans what’s com­ing up in the new year that we can expect and look at for?

JB: Blaze is always on the move and always cook­ing up a new idea or new way to help Indie artists. In 2018 you can expect some work­shop events for artists to help them­selves as far as present­a­tion, speech and over­all artist devel­op­ment. There will be more show­cases, and a spe­cial event for DJs, because people for­get who the life of the party is.

MJ:  I used entre­pren­eur to describe you because you have your name and hands dabbled every­where from mod­el­ing, fash­ion, the biker life, and if I remem­ber cor­rectly you were inter­ested in a cook­ing show as well!  You are also a wife and moth­er.  How do you find a bal­ance?  What is the secret to a healthy rela­tion­ship?  Some think a rela­tion­ship while in the music industry is taboo.

JB: Well my hus­band sup­ports me 100% and also may be man­aging me. He’s going to be hon­est at all times and I would nev­er have to ques­tion his opin­ion or loy­alty.  It’s about com­mu­nic­a­tion, it’s so import­ant! It’s the com­mon ground!  I know I’m always deal­ing with men and men will attempt to come on to me because it’s a pre­dom­in­antly male envir­on­ment, but that’s where trust factors in. My Son is extremely sup­port­ive; I actu­ally have him listen to music that is sent to me for his opin­ion. So in essence I involve my fam­ily in my busi­ness, and they are my biggest sup­port­ers. My will Fam­ily always come first. My hus­band and I ride so that is a plus! Wheth­er I go out alone or with him he under­stands the pas­sion for it. I kind of gave up a little on the mod­el­ing because every gig I was offered they wanted me to be half naked. I’m a mar­ried woman and even if I wasn’t I don’t feel I need to show my a** to make it, my mind and face do enough…. The secret is sex, com­mu­nic­a­tion, and trust (and yes notice I put sex first)!

MJ:  Tell me, in about a year or two when I come back to inter­view you, what will we be catch­ing up?  What is next on the list of accom­plish­ments for Jes Blaze?

JB: Hav­ing my own stu­dio for my show and hav­ing oth­er shows and hosts.  I want artists to come and drop some bars and cre­ate dope music…Shade 45 has been my end goal and I’m work­ing hard towards that…More show­cases in big­ger ven­ues and oth­er states…Expanding No Fil­ter Radio Brand out of New York, (already in the works) and to become rich not so much fam­ous, but rich.

MJ:  Is there any­thing else you would like the world to know about Jes Blaze?

JB: I’m just a humble chick that tries to do good at all times. I feel if you do without expect­ing any­thing in return it will come back 10 times fold. My motto is #Pay­It­For­ward. I always look to help someone else out because some people really have it bad. I’m a go get­ter and I’ll nev­er allow any­thing or any­one to stop what I whole­heartedly have a pas­sion for. I just hope to con­tin­ue inspir­ing oth­ers and being a pos­it­ive force in this screwed up soci­ety we live in.  #Every­Mo­veIzCrit­ic­al











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MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!