Eric D. Har­ris, known in the music and enter­tain­ment industry as Emacc, announces the launch of his record label Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment. Since a child Emacc had aspir­a­tions to become a suc­cess­ful busi­ness man in Hol­ly­wood.

“There was some­thing about the whole life­style, the places, the per­son­al­it­ies, and even down to the Hol­ly­wood scan­dals”

He got his first taste of the scene when an agent picked him up for mod­el­ing and act­ing, that led to nation­al com­mer­cials with major brands like Nike and Ree­bok. Grow­ing up in the rough sur­round­ings of Long Beach, Cali­for­nia, Emacc developed a plan to show off and bring to the fore­front the tal­ent of so many of oth­er broth­ers and sis­ters in the same envir­on­ment.

With years of gained know­ledge from ment­ors, major artists and act­ors, and oth­er entre­pren­eurs in the music and enter­tain­ment industry Emacc declared his new status as CEO of Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment.

To date Emacc will be star­ring in a film called 7th & West­lake  with major Hol­ly­wood Act­or Rick Hard, co-stars Micah Fitzger­ald, Omar Good­ing, Rick Ross, Samuel Mon­roe Jr., and more. Be on the lookout for his first com­pil­a­tion album “Emac­cu­lent Com­pil­a­tion Volume 1” which fea­tures major artists such as Snoop Dog, AD, Chris Brown, OG Sui­cide, and Micah Fitzger­ald who is Hollywood’s lead­ing act­or! The com­pil­a­tion also includes first signed rap­per on Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment, K.TWO.

MJ: Your resume and accol­ades speak for them­selves!  Look­ing back on that little boy who had big dreams to make it in Hol­ly­wood, what would you say to him now?

EMACC: I would say, God gave every­one a spe­cial gift, and it’s up to us to use those gifts to our advant­age. Have con­fid­ence and believe in your­self, nev­er give up until the race is over.

MJ: Giv­ing back is key when we men­tion Hip Hop and the cul­ture. How­ever, we also know how the busi­ness can be. Why was is so import­ant for you to show­case the tal­ent of up and com­ing artists?

EMACC: It’s simply the right thing to do. I wanted to give artists the oppor­tun­ity to live out their dreams and to open the door to our broken soci­ety, and in time fix the prob­lems. What someone else has attemp­ted to des­troy I’m here to rebuild.

MJ: Your first signed rap­per is K.TWO. Tell every­one a little bit about him, why he was chosen to rep­res­ent Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment, and what pro­jects he has going on.

EMACC: K.TWO is actu­ally an artist I help raise. I wrote his first rap for him when he was 7‑years old. That’s when I dis­covered he had skills. I know he will be able to shine in the music industry. It’s his time to secure the bag. We have a few new pro­jects we are work­ing on. We have some big fea­tures ready to bless his new album and he’s also work­ing on a new mix tape with the help of some mega pro­du­cers in the industry. I must say it’s a bless­ing to be where we are, and I’m eager to see where we go with the guid­ance of God!

MJ: Talk about the label. Will Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment be lim­ited to artists only?

emacculent-entertainment-business-card-back-preview-5881 (2) (2)

EMACC: Abso­lutely not!  I want to be involved with any­thing under the umbrella of enter­tain­ment. I want to dis­play tal­ent and also give the people what they want and demand espe­cially when it comes to down to music or put­ting on a dynam­ic show. I am work­ing every­day around the clock to cre­ate artist’s oppor­tun­it­ies to show off their tal­ents and shine.

MJ: Without giv­ing too much away, what can listen­ers expect from volume 1 of the “Emac­cu­lent Com­pil­a­tion”?

EMACC: A uni­ver­sal sound with a mix­ture of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Trap, Rock, and Lat­in.  We dis­play a col­lab­or­a­tion of sound’s and cul­tures. I will make his­tory with this album and my label.

MJ: To make it in Hol­ly­wood you have to wear many dif­fer­ent hats, entre­pren­eur being the biggest! Do you have a pref­er­ence over act­ing, busi­ness man, mod­el­ing, and tal­ent scout­ing?

EMACC: I was told I am the “Moses” of my fam­ily.  I’m here to lead and help artists grow, so my pref­er­ence is I like help­ing people I real­ize I am here to help oth­er indi­vidu­als. I believe we are all King’s and Queens.

MJ: As we wrap up, is there any­thing else you would like Hol­ly­wood and the world to know about your­self and Emac­cu­lent Enter­tain­ment?

EMACC:  Be on the lookout for Emac­cu­lent Ent. Because we are com­ing to claim our stake!

Fol­low Emacc on Social Media:

Twit­ter @Emacculent_Ent

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MJ Savino

MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

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MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!