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Q. What lead you pick up the mic and start rap­ping?

To be hon­est a lot of things did.When I was young­er my older brother­’s friend used to mc, he used to bring his sets that he did at his friends house and play them. This kind of inspired me so I star­ted writ­ing my own lyr­ics. Also So Sol­id and Pay As You Go had a big influ­ence when I was grow­ing up, but what made me want to take it fur­ther was when I went to Malia in 2008.

Q. Through­out your music you cov­er what could be classed as real life top­ics. Why did you choose to take this route with your music?

I do not plan to write like that it just hap­pens, some­thing could hap­pen to me in my life and I have no idea how I feel or felt about the situ­ation until I write about it. Music is like ther­apy to me, so the major­ity of things I write are based on true life events. Some­times it amazes me how I just hap­pen to make it rhyme and put a story to it. Its my sub­con­scious that brings it out.

Q. When I saw you per­form there was no sign of hype and aggres­sion that you see with oth­er rap­pers your age. How import­ant is it to you to stay humble when pre­form­ing?

Some­times I feel like I need to be more hype or ener­get­ic but some­thing holds me back a little, I want to let loose on stage but I am not that type of per­son. I think the things that makes me a good per­former is my clar­ity and lyr­i­cism. I feel like I do not need to be hype or aggress­ive to get my point across, as long as people can hear and under­stand me. That is all that mat­ters.

Q. From your tracks what are your per­son­ally favor­ites and why?

Good ques­tion, I would say ‘Closer’, ‘I don’t wanna lose you’, ‘Sci­fi’, ‘Into the light’, ‘Los­ing My Bal­ance’, ‘Guid­ance’, and ‘Is there a and case’. Closer because that song was ridicu­lously per­son­al to me, I don’t know what made me write it but its a story from when I was 11 years old til now. It was me kind of let­ting my skel­et­ons out of the closet. Into the light because it was a per­son­al exper­i­ence for me as well, because my ex had mis­car­ried for me and I was help­ing her raise her son. Cer­tain people (friends and fam­ily) slightly did not agree with it, but I tried to do the right thing and that is what led to that track. Los­ing my bal­ance because it was just me vent­ing about the life of and unsigned/independent artist. Just say­ing that people think your life is easy because they see the videos or shows etc, but they do not see that hard work that goes into everything. Guid­ance it was about me try­ing to fath­er my ex’s son as mine own. Is there a case because every­one can relate to it, it is about Steph­en Lawrence, Dami­lola Taylor and Anthony Walk­er.

Q. Your latest piece of work is entitled “The Dis­trac­tion”. From songs like the break­up it seems like an album of per­son­al exper­i­ence. How did you come to the choice of writ­ing such per­son­al tracks?

That song was based on what actu­ally happened, the argu­ment at the start of the track comes from a ‘cashtast­ic’ video called ‘Con­ver­sa­tion with Cash’. I used it because that con­ver­sa­tion was extremely sim­il­ar to the con­ver­sa­tion I had with my ex when we were break­ing up. That is just the way I write, I cre­ate the story in my head first, and remem­ber what exactly happened and it just so hap­pens I am able to make it rhyme. Its nutz! That song is extremely per­son­al. The way I get over things is to write about it and that is just what I did.

Q. What can we expect from Razor in the future?

I just released my new EP ‘The Dis­trac­tion’, so I am going to be doing a lot of shows dur­ing the next couple of months. In July I will be going on a 10 day tour in Ayia Napa with Dj Quincy (Choice FM). Also more videos and col­lab­or­a­tions.

To find out more about Razor fol­low him on twit­ter @Razorartist and to down­load your free copy of The Dis­trac­tion click here 

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Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi

Arash has been pas­sion­ate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, edu­cate and empower people to become bet­ter ver­sions of them­selves and help and sup­port their com­munity and oth­ers. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teach­er to us all.

About Arash Sharifi

Arash Sharifi
Arash has been passionate about Hip hop for many years. He believes through hip hop you can teach, educate and empower people to become better versions of themselves and help and support their community and others. Hip hop is more than just music, it can be a teacher to us all.

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