E PLURIBUS UNUM — The Last Poets

Selfish desires are burn­ing like fires
among those who hoard the gold
As the con­tin­ue to keep the people asleep
and the truth from being told
Racism and greed keep the people in need
from get­ting what’s right­fully theirs
Cheat­ing, steal­in and double deal­ing
as they exploit the peoples fears

Now, Dow Jones owns the people’s homes
and all the sur­round­ing land
Buy­ing and selling their humble dwell­ing
in the name of the Mas­ter Plan

Cos paper money is like a bee without honey
with no stinger to back him up
and those who stole the people’s gold
are def­in­itely cor­rupt

Cred­it cards, mas­ter charge, legacies of wills
real-estate, stocks and bonds on coupon paper bills
Now the US mints on paper prings, mil­lions every day
and use the eagle as their sym­bol cos it’s a bird of prey

The laurels of peace and the arrows of wars
are clutched very tightly in the eagles claws
filled with greed and lust,
and on the back of the dol­lar bill,
is the words IN GOD WE TRUST

But the dol­lar bill is their only God
and they don’t even trust each oth­er
for a few dol­lars more they’d start a war
to exploit some brother­’s moth­er
Then there’s the pyr­am­id, that stands by itself
cre­ated by Black people’s know­ledge and wealth
and over the pyr­am­id hangs the dev­il’s eye
that stole from the truth and cre­ated the lie

Now ANNU­IT means and end­less amount stolen over the years
and COEP­TIS means a new empire of vam­pire mil­lion­aires
And NOVUS is a Lat­in word mean­ing some­thing new
an ORDO means a way of life chosen by a few
SECLOR­UM is a word that means to take from anoth­er
know­ledge, wis­dom and under­stand­ing stolen from the broth­er

Roman numer­als on the base of the pyr­am­id’s face
tell the date they began to exist
when they estab­lished this branch of hell
in sev­en­teen-sev­enty-six

Now there are thir­teen lay­ers of stone of the pyr­am­id alone
an unfin­ished work of art
for thirty-three and a third is as high as a mason can go
without fall­ing apart

Thir­teen stars in the ori­gin­al flag!
Thir­teen demons from the Dev­il’s bag!
Thir­teen ber­ries and thir­teen leaves!
Thir­teen colon­ies of land-grabbing thieves!
Thir­teen arrows in the eagle’s claws!
Sixty-sev­en cor­por­a­tions wage the Dev­il’s wars!
Thir­teen stripes on the eagle’s shield!
And these are the sym­bols on the US seal!

Now on the front of the dol­lar bill
to the right of Wash­ing­ton’s head
is a small seal in the shape of a wheel
with the secret that’s been left unsaid
The sym­bols in the middle rep­res­ent the riddle
of the scales, the ruler and the key;
the square rule is a sym­bol
from the craft of masonry
The scales rep­res­ent Libra
the bal­ance of the sev­enth sign
They also rep­res­ent the Just-Us
which you and I know is blind
The key unlocks the mys­ter­ies
of the secrets of the seal
So that only the Gov­ern-u-men
would know what they reveal

The four words apart form the last parts of
the secrets of the seal
and tells how they fooled the people
into think­ing paper money was real!

Now, THESAUR means the treas­ury
where they store the gold they stole
and AMER means to pun­ish
like the slaves they bought and sold
Then SEPTENT means sev­en
like sev­en­teen-sev­enty-six
when the thir­teen dev­ils gathered
to unleash their bag of tricks
The SIGEL means the images
they’ve cre­ated to fool the world
like the col­ors on Old Glory
the flag that they unfurled

Now the red was the col­or of the Indi­an man
White was the dev­il’s who stole the land
Blue was the eyes that hyp­not­ised
with the tricks and traps they sprung
and even to this very same day
they all speak with forked tongue!
And so the power is in the hand of the rul­ing classes
play­ing god with the fate of all the masses
so the people don’t get any in the land of the plenty
because E PLURIBUS UNUM means One Out Of Many

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