44898873_10156912799930680_7191293722011631616_nThe least we can say is that D.Tail has been pro­duct­ive for the last 2 years. After “Mes­sage in a Bottle”, “U Can’t Say That” and “U Can’t Do That”, the east Lon­don emcee is launch­ing a new pro­ject : Happy Acci­dent.

In a couple of years, the rap­per became an import­ant fig­ure of the Under­ground Hip Hop scene. Always with his pro­du­cer, Turk­ish Dcypha, D.Tail offers an EP in line with his pre­vi­ous one : punchy, smart and pos­it­ive.

The whole album is like a jour­ney. First let’s wake up with “Wow”, a kick­ing song pro­duced by Mar­ley D (who is present on 4 songs on the album). A nice way to get into the swing of things.

We stay on the same idea with the next 2 tracks. We could see them as the D.Tail’s child­hood and influ­ences. “9000” refers to the manga Dragon Ball Z while the emcee starts “Mahogany” by speak­ing in Japan­ese. The prods are light and melod­ic to enforce it. An inter­est­ing way to feel in con­fid­ence right from the begin­ning.

But as always in life, here come the troubles. It’s now time to face the world with “Mis­un­der­stood”. Here the rap­per tries to dia­logue with a stub­born and aggress­ive man who can be inter­preted as our soci­ety. The emcee comes up to ser­i­ous and inher­ent issues like racism or fem­in­ism.

That’s how the Happy Acci­dent comes out of it. Here the struggle is not any­more with the envir­on­ment but with him­self. It’s a pro­found and intro­spect­ive track where the artist is refer­ring to mix feel­ings and how he is try­ing to deal with it. Instead of being destruct­or, this moment of doubt reveals to be pos­it­ive for him. It’s this deep pos­it­iv­ity that the artist is bring­ing in his album.

It is like a regen­er­a­tion. From this point, the tracks are more ego-ori­ented and based on punch­lines with for instance the free­style “Is Any­one There”, “I Got Bars” or “Nat­ur­al Selec­tion”.

The rest of the jour­ney is well bal­anced between boom bap and jazzy beats with D.Tail strik­ing flow.

Worth not­ing the only one but effi­cient sang chor­us on “He Say She Say” with Jayde.

We can really feel that D.Tail is com­pletely free in his music. He doesn’t hes­it­ate to vary his flow fol­low­ing the beats. He is also well helped by the great prods from Turk­ish, Mar­ley D and Herna Vim. It’s inter­est­ing to notice how dif­fer­ent is the D.Tail music from the rest of the UK scene. We could some­times get really con­fused with the New York scene. Some of the prods reminds hugely the Harry Fraud ones. Thus, we are quite far from the cur­rent hyped Grime scene.

This over­view is con­firmed by the last and excel­lent track of the album, “The Cypha”, where US emcees like Joell Ort­iz and Ras Kass are col­lab­or­at­ing with Awate and Leaf Dog from the UK.

A very nice way to close the pro­ject and to rein­force this influ­ence.

With this pro­ject, D.Tail con­firms all our expect­a­tions about him. We can feel the artist is more con­fid­ent in his art and the dir­ec­tion he wants to take. This album is as unex­pec­ted as enjoy­able. Like a Happy Acci­dent.

Have listen to Happy Acci­dent your­self on Novem­ber 2nd 2018.

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Timothée Chataux

Com­ing from Par­is and inter­ested in French & US Hip Hop top­ics. I’m writ­ting about any rel­ev­ant sub­jects for I am Hip Hop magazine. You only know MC Sol­aar ? My mis­sion is to show you many more.

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Coming from Paris and interested in French & US Hip Hop topics. I'm writting about any relevant subjects for I am Hip Hop magazine. You only know MC Solaar ? My mission is to show you many more.