Hip Hop pion­eer Ron­ald “Bee-Stinger” Sav­age shares jew­els and gems on the his­tory of The Hip Hop Move­ment. “As the son of the move­ment, I firmly believe The Hip Hop Move­ment resides as law and order of Hip Hop.”

“Bee-Stinger, bet­ter known as “The Son of The Hip Hop Move­ment” (giv­en to him by the legendary Busy Bee) was part of the young­er gen­er­a­tion in crowds in awe of the found­ing fore­fath­ers of Hip Hop. He recalls Busy Bee enlight­en­ing his mind, “you are all sons and daugh­ters of Hip Hop cul­ture.”

Here is some his­tory that often is not noted in Hip Hop cul­ture. DJ’s like Grand­mas­ter Flowers and Pete DJ Jones were one of the first DJ’s in the clubs that people knew of who were spin­ning disco, then Hank Span from WWRL came along show­ing off his word­play live on the radio. This inspired DJ’s to add hype on the mic like DJ Hol­ly­wood at Stu­dio 54 & The Gar­age. Disco King Mario of the Black Spades (first divi­sion) from Bronxdale pro­jects, cre­ated one of the early ven­ues to play Hip Hop at P.S. 123 in the Bronx and was DJing out­side in the parks. He is also cred­ited as DJ to Chief Rock­er Busy Bee (1st solo emcee to rap on the mic in the realm of Hip Hop). The Hip Hop Move­ment also recog­nizes the true first ladies of Hip-Hop includ­ing Sha Rock, Lisa Lee, and Debbie Dee. In 1982 Melle Mel changed the game in Hip Hop with his record­ing of the song “The Mes­sage” which became an instant clas­sic and one of the first glim­mers of con­scious Hip Hop.  Dur­ing the golden age of rap in the 90’s Pub­lic Enemy blas­ted on the scene and gave the Hip Hop Move­ment the legs to stand on…

In 1990, also while work­ing with the rap group Snap!, Ron­ald “Bee-Stinger” Sav­age a former mem­ber of the Zulu Nation is cred­ited for carving the term “Six Ele­ments of the Hip Hop Move­ment” as inspired by Pub­lic Enemy’s record­ings. The “Six Ele­ments of The Hip Hop Move­ment” are Con­scious­ness Aware­ness, Civil Rights Aware­ness, Act­iv­ism Aware­ness, Justice, Polit­ic­al Aware­ness, and Com­munity Aware­ness in music…

Ron­ald “Bee-Stinger” Sav­age went on to devel­op The Hip Hop Movement’s found­a­tion in late 2016. His efforts were not unnoticed, in fact, the move­ment and brand became a major staple in Hip Hop cul­ture as well as a registered ser­vice mark. The move­ment con­nects R&B, Civil Rights Move­ment, and Hip Hop cul­ture into one brand, “Hip is the cul­ture and Hop is the move­ment.”

Today, The Hip Hop Move­ment is the back­bone of Hip Hop as it addresses per­sist­ent soci­et­al issues. Its mis­sion is to provide a plat­form for emcees to share their con­scious music that exudes sub­stance and pos­it­ive mes­sages for our youth and com­munit­ies, mes­sages that strive for encour­age­ment and empower­ment. “Artists and Hip Hop enthu­si­asts head over to The Hip Hop Movement’s stream­ing chan­nel on ROKU TV and sub­mit your music now.”

Con­nect with Ron­ald “Bee-Stinger” Sav­age

Hon. Ron­ald Sav­age, Former Mem­ber of the New York State Demo­crat­ic Com­mit­tee & a Civil Rights Advoc­ate, Own­er of the Hip Hop Move­ment–4&keywords=ronald+savage


Own­er of the Hip Hop Move­ment Ser­vice­mark

Hip Hop Move­ment ®


Hip Hop Move­ment Steam­ing Chan­nel on ROKU TV 


Hip is the Cul­ture Hop is the Move­ment

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MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!