Stank Nitty releases the video for “Far­macy Eco­nomy” fea­tur­ing John Jigg$ with pro­duc­tion by Yaw Boso. Before you dive into the chill, trippy vibe be sure to check out the tell-all inter­view about his upcom­ing album, his blatant life­style, and more.

MJ: Before we jump into your new single and video, I want people to become more famil­i­ar with Stank Nitty…You’re a BK-based emcee, and there’s noth­ing quite like New York Hip Hop, share how that coin­cides with your style, flow, and deliv­er­ance.

SN: I’m a rel­at­ive new­comer to the city, moved to Brook­lyn in 2015, which I feel raised the bar for me artist­ic­ally.  New York con­di­tions you to always be striv­ing to beat your last best, and in Hip Hop, the stand­ard of tal­ent and skill has no ceil­ing, so you must grow wings to sur­vive. I’d say the areas my work reflects the NYC sound may come from being influ­enced by golden era New York Hip Hop as a kid but liv­ing in New York pushed me to refine my sound in ways I nev­er thought pos­sible. I was lucky though I had good loc­al people mak­ing space for me to thrive.

MJ: As a seasoned artist you’ve col­lab­or­ated with some heavy hit­ters as well as Hip Hop legends. Has that opened fur­ther doors for you?

SN: That’s a great feel­ing to hear! Abso­lutely in many ways. Mainly I’m just grate­ful to be liv­ing this crazy life sur­roun­ded by geni­us.  It’s wild it feels like no mat­ter what else is going on, it’s cool because I’m truly at the edge of human poten­tial. I’ve always wanted to cre­ate with innov­at­ors first and fore­most and that’s where you’ll see the pat­tern in my col­lab­or­a­tions. I want to hear some­thing no one’s ever thought of before. That sh*t is hap­pen­ing and it’s amaz­ing.

MJ: At what point in your life did you intro­duce Stank Nitty to the world? When did you decide to pur­sue your craft as a career?

SN: Ok so for the first ques­tion, new name, Stank Nitty comes from “San­ity” which was my name for a long time. People star­ted say­ing San Nitty, and I added Stank on a song called “SOB’s ft. Petey Moss­berg”, off the LP “Murder of Crows” with Deuce Ellis in 2019, I said, “Stank Nitty, burn down gated com­munit­ies, blast priests in sac­risties,” and it stuck. I said that because I always had some strong, putrid-smelling weed. So, it’s like “Frank Nitty” the legendary boot­leg­ger, only it’s a dif­fer­ent pro­hib­i­tion alto­geth­er.  I first star­ted hit­ting stages reg­u­larly at an open mic at the Loc­al 506 in Chapel Hill, NC in 2002, but for a lot of years, I’d just be mak­ing music for fun, always writ­ing. I star­ted call­ing myself a note­book MC. It was­n’t till around 2011 when my daugh­ter Ana­hata was born, I decided I was done mess­ing around because I knew this is what I wanted to do. I nev­er turned back.

MJ: Now let’s dive into the video…Give us some inside scoop on “Far­macy Eco­nomy” fea­tur­ing John Jigg$.  Take us from the thought pro­cess through fruition.

SN: Ok so back to what I was say­ing about innov­at­ors, I heard “The Mad­ness” (that sh*t is crazy). I imme­di­ately hit up Jigg$ on Face­book. I knew we had to make a record. I hit my broth­er Yaw Boso from Switzer­land who I’d met when I was rock­ing shows in Cusco, Peru back in 2012, and he, as usu­al, had some­thing nasty, so I sent it through and once we had a track it was like f*ck it, I haven’t been to ATL in a while.  My Bro J Ron­in linked me with Shabaam Sad­heeq for the video and he had dope ideas right off the bat.  He’s a great dir­ect­or.  He has a great eye for the big pic­ture in a video. He hooked up the film­ing spot via DeAndre Per­ry­man at Sounz Gud Entertainment/A1 Records and we worked fast.  Nam Nitty came through with a cameo that was dope, and the fam Vooda was build­ing through the whole process…As you can see I was rock­ing one of his clas­sic beanies…I shot the cov­er art at home, it was fun to give my weed a pro­fes­sion­al glam­our shoot (I may do that again just for fun).

MJ: What’s in the works for Stank Nitty, what can fans look for­ward to and keep eyes and ears out for?

SN: As of the day I’m writ­ing this, I dropped the video for ELON, video 1 in a tri­logy of videos off my 7 song EP “Ket­am­ine Cow­boy” pro­duced by Con­tra-Bass out of my forever stomp­ing grounds Chapel Hill, NC.  The album is a crazy-ass psy­che­del­ic jour­ney through my para­noid over­worked mind. It’s an instant clas­sic.

MJ: As a well-respec­ted artist in the industry nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally, what keeps you bal­anced, humbled, and inspired?

SN: Word? Thank you. Hmmm…Balanced is rel­at­ive because my life is extra crazy.  Still hust­ling, still in court try­ing to see my kid more, still turn­ing up, etc.  My lady helps me stay bal­anced, got me back into med­it­a­tion, exer­cise, etc. Been fight­ing some F’s the past couple of years, noth­ing keeps you more humble like cases lol, but I used to live on the road run­ning around the coun­try doing some of the cra­zi­est sh*t ima­gin­able, so I just try to remem­ber how amaz­ing it is that I’m alive and I have a chance every day to make an impact.  My inspir­a­tion once again just comes from my crazy life and all the beau­ti­ful things that come out of it, it’s all good even when it’s not, but right now, things are GOOD good!

MJ:  Take a moment to share any­thing else about Stank Nitty that fans
might not know…

SN: ‘Ket­am­ine Cow­boy’ drops the first of Septem­ber and both “Elon” and “Far­macy Eco­nomy” are out now…Bring me weed at shows, please and thank you.

Watch the video for “Far­macy Eco­nomy” (dir­ec­ted by Shabaam Sah­deeqp) below which fea­tures John Jigg$ and pro­duc­tion by Yaw Boso. Please be advised to press play at your own risk as con­tact high is prob­able and more than likely.  Melod­ies of 70’s soul and trippy tones are sure to hyp­not­ize listen­ers as they take notes on Nitty’s gan­j­abotony.

Stream “Far­macy Eco­nomy” here on Spo­ti­fy and con­nect with Stank Nitty below.


Ins­tagram: @stank_nitty

Twit­ter: @nittystank


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MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!