2x Grammy Award Win­ning, ground­break­ing icon­ic music group, and Hip Hop pion­eers Arres­ted Devel­op­ment recently released their new album ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons.”  The 16-track album fea­tures a selec­tion of eclect­ic musi­cians includ­ing Kuf Knotz, Skyy High, Christine Elise, O’hene Sav­ant, Rambo, Let The Dirt Say Amen, Fro Mag­num Man, MRK SX, and is exec­ut­ively pro­duced by Speech for Vag­a­bond Pro­duc­tions and Con­figa for Con­f­igar­a­tion Records.

“Becom­ing” is the first video off the album and truly sets the tone for what fans can expect from the album. It’s infec­tious beats along with dually clap­ping and strik­ing drums with vacil­lat­ing piano keys are soul-shak­ing, while the intric­ate storytelling and bold images are eye awaken­ing.

Speech shares his vow to become the best he can be and tran­scends us back to age nine, teen years, and young adult­hood. His vivid memor­ies expose domest­ic viol­ence, his jour­ney into the streets with hopes of earn­ing respect, and harsh les­sons behind bars.  Upon his release, a new devout way of think­ing takes over by means of glor­i­fied ser­mons.

The cap­tiv­at­ing chor­us and invig­or­at­ing energy from the group ignite a sense of free­dom and ela­tion that needs to be cel­eb­rated. Watch “Becom­ing” and stream ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ below.

“Becom­ing” is ded­ic­ated to Anthony John­ston (from the film 16 Bars)

Stream/download ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ here

The group assures fans and listen­ers this is no hit or miss album.  Each track is dis­tinct in style, flow, and vibe, with influ­en­tial word­play and infec­tious sound­scapes. They break­down and take apart worldly injustices, the cur­rent state of racism, gruel­ing masks of polit­ics, and on the flip side offer empower­ing gems on how to over­come and rise through. The pro­duc­tion through­out the entire album chan­nels a con­tinu­ous kal­eido­scope of invig­or­at­ing bass, soul, funk, worldly tones, and even innov­at­ive cadences ear-pleas­ing to a young­er gen­er­a­tion of music con­nois­seurs. ‘Don’t Fight Your Demons’ ideally serves as a “how-to” hand­book brim­ming with incom­par­able lyr­i­cism, storytelling, and cog­niz­ant aware­ness delivered in a fash­ion only Arres­ted Devel­op­ment can carry through.

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MJ Savino

MJ Savino

MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

About MJ Savino

MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!