Long Island-based Hip Hop artist Jus P releases his brand new album ‘Black Can­vas’ avail­able now on all stream­ing plat­forms. In the inter­view below Jus P describes lyr­ic­al gems, a per­son­al jour­ney, artist and pro­du­cer chem­istry, his sig­na­ture fla­vor for cre­at­ing time­less music, and more.

MJ: Before we dive right into the release of your brand-new album, let every­one know who Jus‑P is.

Jus P: I’m Jus P also known as the Black Men­ace. I’m a Queen’s rep­res­ent­at­ive by way of Long Island, adding on to true Hip Hop cul­ture.

MJ: Your new album ‘Black Can­vas’ fea­tures a diverse group of pro­du­cers and artists. Tell us about the thought pro­cess of choos­ing this selec­tion of pro­du­cers as well as the guest fea­tures on the album.

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Jus P: The album is a col­lec­tion of songs that each have their own unique ori­gin story.  Wheth­er those records were sup­posed to be used for dif­fer­ent pro­jects and did­n’t hap­pen or just me work­ing on my own, there is a unique ori­gin story to show how the artist, and pro­du­cer came togeth­er on any song on the album. I took those dif­fer­ent records and blen­ded them into a cohes­ive artist­ic body of work like a paint­er on a can­vas.

MJ: The album hits heavy with an east coast, gritty vibe. Each track out of the 15 con­veys dis­tinct, real-life mes­sages. One of my top favor­ites is “Inglori­ous Bas­tards.” It exudes a grip­ping lyr­ic­al per­form­ance. Talk a bit about that record.

Jus P:  “Inglori­ous Bas­tards” was a record that was out before I got a hold of it. I met the pro­du­cer through Killa Kali from Gold Chain Mil­it­ary. We decided to remix it adding my verse. My verse is about how my real-life exper­i­ences sep­ar­ate me from artists who exag­ger­ate theirs.

MJ: “The Art of War” is anoth­er hair-rais­ing track just from the intro alone, you can feel the emotive­ness from each syl­lable. Share a bit about “The Art of War.”

Jus P: “The Art of War” was pro­duced by Dirty Diggs and was ori­gin­ally for a full-length Jus P / Killa Kali pro­ject years back. Due to schedul­ing con­flicts, we could­n’t com­plete it. I kept my ori­gin­al verse and got with GS ADVANCE who added a raw power­ful verse as well as the hook.

MJ: What can audi­ences and fans expect from this album? What is it that you want audi­ences and listen­ers to take away from the lyr­ic­al exper­i­ence?

Jus P: Fans can expect a gritty and amaz­ing piece of art with the work of many dif­fer­ent artists and col­lab­or­at­ors. I want the audi­ence to take away the advice and jew­els that’s in the lyr­ics as well as the skill and the art of the word­play.

MJ: You have a sig­na­ture style, flow, energy, and incom­par­able deliv­er­ance. What sep­ar­ates you from oth­er artists? What is it about Hip Hop that keeps you striv­ing for more?

Jus P: I’m a very cre­at­ive per­son who also lives a dis­tinct and inter­est­ing life.  Many dif­fer­ent life exper­i­ences I’ve been through or encountered I put into the music. What motiv­ates me is being able to add on to Hip Hop cul­ture and its legacy…contributing my part to his­tory.

MJ: It’s fair to say ‘Black Can­vas’ is an album you can listen to in 2023 and play again in 10 years and still feel as if it was the first time your ears exper­i­enced it. What’s your ingredi­ent or secret weapon to cre­at­ing time­less music that both the older gen­er­a­tion and the new gen­er­a­tion can embrace?

Jus P: The secret ingredi­ents for me are hon­esty and creativity…creatively and hon­estly telling my truth.

MJ: Take this time to let fans know of any upcom­ing shows, events, or upcom­ing music or pro­jects they can expect from 2023.

Jus P: Next up is the Body Bag Ben pro­duced EP ‘For­tune Favors The Bold.’

MJ: Is there any­thing else you want to share with the world about ‘Black Can­vas’ the album?

Jus P: Be sure to check out ‘Black Can­vas’ the album, out now on all stream­ing plat­forms. It’s a grimy piece of  HipHop art and cul­ture.  Shouts to all col­lab­or­at­ors, and peace to all my fans and fam­ily world­wide.

Watch the offi­cial video for “Show Respect” from the ‘Black Can­vas’ album fea­tur­ing G.S. Advance & RIM

Con­nect with Jus P on Ins­tagram @jusp100

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