We speak to Sum­mer Beaa about her new single ‘WHT WE DOIN’. In this inter­view, Sum­mer Beaa shares the inspir­a­tion behind the empower­ing anthem that cel­eb­rates the essence of mod­ern-day women— their strength, con­fid­ence, and authen­ti­city. She dives into the col­lab­or­at­ive magic behind the visu­ally stun­ning music video with dir­ect­or Dang Films, the infec­tious beats brought to life by pro­du­cer SUC Jhia­me, and the dynam­ic part­ner­ship with Da Pink Celebrity on her debut single. From her music­al influ­ences to the pro­found impact of Tik­Tok on her career and the res­on­ance of ‘WHT WE DOIN’ on radi­os across Louisi­ana, Mis­sis­sippi, and Texas, Sum­mer Beaa opens up about her remark­able jour­ney from singing hymns in church to becom­ing a force in South­ern rap. As part of Nu Souf Music, she reflects on how being part of an inde­pend­ent label has shaped her artist­ic jour­ney and teases her highly anti­cip­ated single, ‘Tongue Action.’ Get ready to dive into the world of Sum­mer Beaa, where authen­ti­city, empower­ment, and a whole lot of energy con­verge to cre­ate a unique music­al experience.

Con­grat­u­la­tions on the suc­cess of “WHT WE DOIN”! Can you share the inspir­a­tion behind the song and what mes­sage you wanted to con­vey with the track?

Thank you for your con­grat­u­la­tions! “WHT WE DOIN” is an incred­ible jour­ney, and I’m glad to hear it res­on­ated with you. The inspir­a­tion behind the song revolves around cap­tur­ing the essence of mod­ern-day women; their empower­ment, free­dom, and open­ness about themselves.
The track aims to cel­eb­rate the strength, con­fid­ence, and authen­ti­city of today’s women. It’s about embra­cing indi­vidu­al­ity, being unapo­lo­get­ic­ally one­self, and break­ing soci­et­al norms or ste­reo­types that might have con­strained or lim­ited self-expres­sion in the past. The mes­sage I inten­ded to con­vey through “WHT WE DOIN” is the import­ance of own­ing one’s nar­rat­ive, choices, and iden­tity. It’s about encour­aging women to be true to them­selves, to express their thoughts, desires, and ambi­tions without fear of judg­ment. The track embod­ies the spir­it of inde­pend­ence, con­fid­ence, and the power of being genu­ine in a world that might some­times impose expect­a­tions or restrictions.

By pro­mot­ing open­ness and free­dom in expres­sion, the song strives to empower women to embrace their jour­ney, their exper­i­ences, and their indi­vidu­al paths without con­form­ing to soci­et­al pres­sures or ste­reo­types. It cel­eb­rates the diverse per­spect­ives and voices of women today, acknow­ledging their strength in being real, raw, and authentic.
Ulti­mately, “WHT WE DOIN” stands as a cel­eb­ra­tion of mod­ern fem­in­in­ity, encour­aging women to con­fid­ently express them­selves and embrace their unique­ness in a world that val­ues authen­ti­city and empowerment.

The video for WHT WE DOIN is visu­ally stun­ning and full of energy. How did the concept for the video come about, and what was your exper­i­ence work­ing with dir­ect­or Dang Films?

I’m thrilled you enjoyed the video for “WHT WE DOIN”! Work­ing with Dang Films was lit, y’all! He’s got that magic touch, mak­ing sure every shot is pure fire and fix­ing things up like a boss. When he dropped the concept on us with the Nu Souf fam, it was straight-up classy and explos­ive, just like the lyr­ics — can’t beat that combo, right?
I felt like we vibed hard, bring­ing that energy and style togeth­er for a video that’s visu­ally stun­ning and full of life. Dang’s atten­tion to detail was on point, mak­ing sure every scene was lit and cap­tured the essence of the track. The col­lab­or­a­tion was off the charts, and I’m down to link up with him again any­time. He’s the real deal, no doubt!

Your debut single fea­tures Da Pink Celebrity. How did the col­lab­or­a­tion come about, and what was it like work­ing togeth­er in the studio?

Yo, yo, yo! So, check it out—linking up with Da Pink Celebrity for my debut single was pure des­tiny! My man­ager and the dope pro­du­cer behind the track made the con­nect hap­pen, and let me tell you, it was like light­ning in the studio!
When I met Pink, it was vibes right from the jump! We got into the groove and had a blast cook­ing up that track, and guess what? We found out we’re both Vir­gos! That con­nec­tion was instant, man. She’s as down-to-earth as they come, just like your girl here. Work­ing togeth­er felt like hanging out with a long­time homie—it was that comfortable.
Pink’s energy and tal­ent are off the charts, and her vibe just matched mine per­fectly. We clicked, bounced ideas, and made pure magic in the stu­dio. It was all about the music, the laughter, and bring­ing our A‑game. Can­’t wait to drop more fire with her, no doubt!

The pro­duc­tion on “WHT WE DOIN” by SUC Jhia­me is fant­ast­ic. Can you tell us about your col­lab­or­a­tion with the pro­du­cer and how the beat came to life?

Oh, man, let me tell you about that fire col­lab with SUC Jhia­me on “WHT WE DOIN”!
Work­ing with a legend like him, who’s got that crazy hit list in the game, was bey­ond amaz­ing. The moment he dropped that beat on me, I was straight-up blown away; it was next-level, like noth­ing I’d heard before!
SUC Jhia­me’s vibe is out of this world, ser­i­ously! He’s got this per­son­al­ity that just makes you feel at home. I was totally com­fort­able being myself around him, you know? That’s when the magic hap­pens in the stu­dio, when you can let loose and vibe naturally.

The way that beat came to life was unreal. Jhia­me’s skills and cre­ativ­ity took it to a whole new level. We bounced ideas, exper­i­mented with sounds, and he brought that beat to a point where it per­fectly matched the energy and vibe I wanted for the track. It was like we were in sync the whole time.

Work­ing with someone like SUC Jhia­me was a dream come true. His exper­i­ence, tal­ent, and vibe made the whole pro­cess crazy dope, and I can­’t wait to cook up more hits with him in the future!

Your jour­ney into the rap scene has been remark­able, from singing hymns in church to becom­ing a rising star in the South­ern rap scene. How has your music­al back­ground influ­enced your style, and what made you decide to pur­sue a career in rap?

Yo, music has been my ride-or-die since I was a little girl! I grew up sur­roun­ded by all sorts of beats and tunes, from singing hymns in church to soak­ing up every genre I could get my hands on. It’s just been me, you know? Music is in my veins; it’s who I am, through and through.

Decid­ing to dive into the rap game was­n’t even a decision, it was like des­tiny call­ing my name. I live and breathe this music stuff! Sure, it can get scary some­times, espe­cially when those doubts creep in, whis­per­ing about hav­ing a Plan B, but guess what? I don’t have one, and I’m cool with that!

I’m all about being true to myself, and being an artist is where I shine bright­est. It’s like my call­ing, my pur­pose. This rap jour­ney chose me, and I’m here for it; no look­ing back, no doubts. It’s music or noth­ing, baby! So, I’m just rid­ing this wave, doing me, and embra­cing every beat, rhyme, and rhythm that comes my way.

Your influ­ences include Lil Kim, Latto, Ken The Man, and Megan Thee Stal­lion. How do these artists inspire your music, and in what ways do you aim to carve out your own unique space in the industry?

Yo, let’s talk influ­ences! Lil Kim, Latto, Ken The Man, and Megan Thee Stallion—these queens bring that atti­tude, that raw expres­sion, and that hard­core rap game to the table. They’ve been set­ting fires in the industry, right?
They inspire me to be unapo­lo­get­ic­ally me, you feel me? Their con­fid­ence, their style, and the way they own their voices, it’s all about being authen­tic­ally them­selves, and that’s where I’m com­ing from too.

See, I don’t have a dir­ect answer on how I’m carving my space cause I’m all about being cre­at­ive, being my voice, and stand­ing out. Tak­ing bits from these icons, mix­ing in my own swag, and cre­at­ing some­thing that’s undeni­ably Sum­mer Beaa, you know?
I wanna bring that same fire, that same energy, but with my own twist. It’s about stay­ing true to my roots while push­ing bound­ar­ies, drop­ping bars that make heads turn, and tracks that res­on­ate with the real ones out there.
So, while I vibe with these legends, I’m carving my lane by being unfiltered, spit­ting truth, and show­ing the world what Sum­mer Beaa’s all about. It’s about to get hot in here ’cause this girl’s bring­ing the heat in her own unique way!

Tik­Tok has played a sig­ni­fic­ant role in boost­ing your vis­ib­il­ity. How has the plat­form influ­enced your career, and do you have any favor­ite moments or inter­ac­tions with fans on TikTok?

Oh, Tik­Tok’s been a game-changer for sure! It’s been a wild ride, you know? My most vir­al moments? Gotta be those movie skits I did—they had people rolling! But then, when I flipped the script and star­ted show­cas­ing my rap skills, that’s when things really popped off.

It’s crazy how Tik­Tok has helped me show­case my mul­tiple tal­ents. Act­ing out those movie skits was a blast, but when I merged that with my music, my fans were like, “Hold up, she can act AND rap?” It was like a whole new level of amazement!
Inter­act­ing with fans on Tik­Tok has been the best part, their reac­tions to my con­tent are price­less. From drop­ping a hot verse to show­ing off some act­ing chops, their sup­port and excite­ment fuel my fire! I’ve had fans reach­ing out, vibing to my tracks, and show­ing mad love—it’s a whole vibe!

Tik­Tok’s been this dope plat­form where I get to be cre­at­ive, show dif­fer­ent sides of me, and con­nect with my fans on a whole new level. It’s wild to see how it’s boos­ted my vis­ib­il­ity and allowed me to show­case the full package—Summer Beaa bring­ing the heat, the bars, and the act­ing chops!

“WHT WE DOIN” has gained trac­tion on radi­os in Louisi­ana, Mis­sis­sippi, and Texas. How does it feel to see your music res­on­ate with audi­ences in these regions, and what do you hope listen­ers take away from the song?

Man, see­ing “WHT WE DOIN” hit­ting radi­os in Louisi­ana, Mis­sis­sippi, and Texas? That’s straight-up sur­real, yo! It’s like a dream unfold­ing before my eyes. Big shoutout to my team for mak­ing it happen—they’re the real MVPs. The whole exper­i­ence has been a whirl­wind of pos­it­iv­ity and excite­ment, you know?
Feel­ing that love from dif­fer­ent regions—it’s a whole vibe! It’s motiv­at­ing me on anoth­er level. I’m talk­ing about next-level motiv­a­tion, y’all! To know that my music is res­on­at­ing with folks in these areas, it’s like a nod of approv­al from the real ones out there.
When I dropped “WHT WE DOIN,” my main goal was to spread good vibes and make people feel good about them­selves. I want listen­ers to take away this mes­sage: “Do you and do it with all your heart—without wor­ry­ing about what oth­ers think. Just live your best life and have a blast doing it!”
Shoutout to all the DJs and radio sta­tions for push­ing my music, spread­ing those Sum­mer Beaa vibes, and to Nu Souf Music for put­ting in that grind to get me in the right pos­i­tions. It’s all love and appre­ci­ation from this side—let’s keep the good times rolling!

Your upcom­ing single, “Tongue Action,” is highly anti­cip­ated. Can you provide a sneak peek into what we can expect from the new track, both music­ally and thematically?

Hey, y’all! Get ready ’cause “Tongue Action” is about to drop, and it’s gonna be fire! When it comes to this track, think excite­ment, sat­is­fac­tion, and pleas­ure; that’s the vibe I’m bringing!
Music­ally, it’s all about those infec­tious beats that’ll make you move and groove. I’ve cooked up some­thing spe­cial that’ll get you hyped and feel­ing the energy from the get-go. You’re in for a treat ’cause this track­’s got that Sum­mer Beaa fla­vor all over it!
Them­at­ic­ally, well, let’s just say “Tongue Action” is all about bring­ing that heat, that con­fid­ence, and embra­cing a vibe that’s all about feel­ing good. I’m bring­ing those fierce lyr­ics and a vibe that’s unapo­lo­get­ic­ally me. It’s about own­ing who you are and hav­ing a blast while doing it.
I can­’t spill all the beans just yet, but trust me, “Tongue Action” is gonna have you on your feet, feel­ing the vibe, and vibing with the energy I’m bring­ing. So, get ready to turn up the volume ’cause Sum­mer Beaa’s about to bring the heat!

As part of Nu Souf Music, how has being part of an inde­pend­ent label shaped your artist­ic jour­ney, and what can your fans look for­ward to in the future as you con­tin­ue to evolve in the music industry?

Being a part of Nu Souf Music has been a game-changer in my artist­ic jour­ney. It’s shaped everything; my music, my fan base, and even how I see myself in this industry. Sign­ing with NSM was a huge leap for me, espe­cially as it was my first time put­ting pen to paper for any­thing like this, but let me tell you, it’s been noth­ing short of a blessing!
This move, join­ing forces with Nu Souf Music, has been a game-changer. I’ve felt the sup­port, the guid­ance, and the push I needed to take my music to new heights. Ron­nie Thomas and the team have been instru­ment­al in put­ting me in the right places, con­nect­ing me with the right folks, and allow­ing me to spread my wings creatively.
My fans, the BeaNa­tion, y’all are the real MVPs! Your love and sup­port have been incred­ible through­out this jour­ney. And guess what? There’s so much more com­ing your way! Get ready for more elec­tri­fy­ing music, more vibes that’ll make you move, and more of that Sum­mer Beaa energy hit­ting you real soon.
I’m evolving, grow­ing, and shap­ing my sound, and I can­’t wait to share all of it with my amaz­ing fans. Nu Souf Music and I are just get­ting star­ted, so stay tuned ’cause it’s about to get even hotter!

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Rishma Dhaliwal has extensive experience studying and working in the music and media industry. Having written a thesis on how Hip Hop acts as a social movement, she has spent years researching and connecting with artists who use the art form as a tool for bringing a voice to the voiceless. Currently working in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media knowledge to I am Hip Hop and other projects by No Bounds.