pw11Turn­ing Vegan Pizza was some­thing I gave up on and excit­ingly enough now years later the vegan scene is in full bloom with hun­dreds of options. Picky Wops to me is the vegan pizza dons. They vegan­ised a clas­sic­ally love dish, with their own unique twist and it works!!! I was told about this place by a good friend of mine, Logic. Logic highly recom­men­ded their piz­zas after he had tired them him­self. The first exper­i­ence that I had was when I went to Venn Street Vegan Mar­ket with my friend Mar­sha, we tired their hemp based pizza divided in to two fla­vour styles (as pic­tured)

It was such an amaz­ing taste sen­sa­tion that stayed with me and got me excited about Pizza again. I had nev­er tired Pesto on pizza and also potato on pizza but it really worked and was mind blown. Cris­ti­ano and Andrea the two faces behind Pick­y­wops make the exper­i­ence even more spe­cial with their lov­ing warm friendly wel­com­ing per­son­al­it­ies, when you meet them you instantly feel their love and pas­sion for Picky wops and if you lucky you get to see them do pizza acro­bat­ics or a picky dance!

I was so excited about doing a places to eat with Picky Wops as I couldn’t wait to see what else they had on their menu in their Queens Head Pub loc­ated in Brix­ton. I took along my step son Aaron and bestie Michaela with me to have a taste of a few things off their menu this is the video of our exper­i­ence:

Instantly I loved the vibe and energy of the trendy new space they are loc­ated in, I took some pho­tos of Cris­ti­ano and Andrea whist get­ting to learn more about them and how Picky Wops star­ted up (watch the full places to eat video for all that info)

We had a beau­ti­ful feast which I will talk you through indi­vidu­ally, we had two ideas off their secret menu which was pesto fries and bolognese fries, we also had par­mi­gi­ana pizza, mod­ern car­bon­ara and pizza desert.




First of all I will have to say the crunch factor on this chips where so sat­is­fact­ory. This is just how I love my chips with a crunch! I would nev­er have dreamed of put­ting pesto on fries or pour­ing so much sauce all over them BUT this works so well. Pesto and chip combo is a game changer, really works so well togeth­er. Their homemade vegan pesto sauce is so epic, please Picky Wops start bot­tling that up, the world needs this. This is one to try for sure.




Just like the Pesto fries this is not a com­bin­a­tion I would have ever thought of but really works well togeth­er. As I have men­tioned before the chips are sat­is­fact­ory and this sauce is so deli­cious. The sauce has a vegan mince meat tex­ture and finely chopped veg pieces at still con­tain a crunch to them as they weren’t cooked down too much which I prefer, The sauce is anoth­er epic cre­ation that needs to be bottled up and sold. The fla­vour wasn’t lack­ing it has a burst of fresh­ness and fla­vour with every mouth­ful, it is not spicy which is a good thing for people that don’t like chilli heat or for fam­il­ies like myself with kids that do not like spice and you could always add in extra heat if you wanted with some chilli sauce.



This pizza is per­fec­tion! Par­mi­gi­ana pizza con­sists of  tomato, mod­ern moxxer­ella, auber­gine, onions, mod­ern parmez­an, pesto all on a burnt wheat base. It tastes just as good as it looks, com­pletely blew my mind and I can safely say is the BEST pizza I have ever exper­i­enced in my life. Vegan cheese can be so dis­ap­point­ing but this com­pletely makes up for the years of shit vegan cheese I have con­sumed, the melt is so per­fect. The base is so soft and melts in the mouth with a party of fla­vours in each bite, the crust has the most sat­is­fact­ory crunch that a pizza should have. The best thing about it is how fresh and fla­vour­some the fla­vour combo is and how well all the ingredi­ents work in har­mony to deliv­er a epic pizza exper­i­ence which leaves you on a food high. This pizza is so light and does not leave you feel­ing heavy, it is the freshest light­est deli­cious pizza I have ever had, words can not describe enough what a magic­al legendary pizza exper­i­ence this was made by pizza wiz­ards. Everything we had on the menu was a great but this was some­thing that I will nev­er for­get and am offi­cially addicted to. THIS IS A MUST TRY!



This one was Aarons abso­lute favour­ite, we all enjoyed this dish so much the sauce is a cashew cream with a tem­peh smoked meat which works com­pli­ments each oth­er so well, the pasta is cooked to per­fec­tion. The whole dish is so beau­ti­ful, I have not had a car­bon­ara since turn­ing vegan and this was everything, even bet­ter then I remem­ber, it also is a nice option for my kids as it is so creamy and deli­cious yet light. I found all the foods off the menu work so well togeth­er. Picky wops is known for their pizza but this pasta dish is just as epic on deliv­ers on their pro­fes­sion­al culin­ary skills, anoth­er MUST TRY.



WOW still com­pletely mind blown with this one, I would have nev­er asso­ci­ated pizza with dessert but this works, one of the most lush dessert exper­i­ences ever, again the beau­ti­ful homemade pizza base topped with a deli­cious vegan chocol­ate spread topped with vegan whipped cream and toasted pine nuts. That base is to die for warm with a crunch, the chocol­ate spread is so smooth and fla­vour­ful (its hard to find good chocol­ate spreads like that this one really reminded us of nutella) and the cream was so light and deli­cious felt like it had a bit of a coconut fresh hint, the toasted crunch from the pine nuts add to the over all exper­i­ence each mouth­ful is a food heav­en. Such a great way to fin­ish the day and a huge hit for all of us.

Over all this is a vegan exper­i­ence you must try! These guys know what they are doing!

To wrap this up I have to say it all deliv­ers and I will be going there to try out all the menu as everything looks deli­cious and I now com­pletely trust their taste buds as everything I have tired has been an epic exper­i­ence. So many new exper­i­ences nev­er tired pesto with fries or bolognese with fries, nev­er tried vegan car­bon­ara, nev­er had pesto on pizza or a pizza desert. ALL BLEW MY MIND words can not explain enough what a great exper­i­ence this is. Take my word of it, and try for your­self, Picky wops is def­in­itely high on my vegan HIT list of places to eat. Love these guys, Love their food. Thank you for the exper­i­ence


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Hello, My name is Azita Edwards I am a moth­er to two beau­ti­ful amaz­ing girls Sienna 6, Maya 7 and a won­der­ful step son Aaron 14. my whole world changed from the moment my old­est was born, I became a mummy! I will be shar­ing my art­icles from my blog to share a little piece of my world with you, tips, recipes, arts, books, days out etc Wel­come to our world!
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Azita Edwards
Hello, My name is Azita Edwards I am a mother to two beautiful amazing girls Sienna 6, Maya 7 and a wonderful step son Aaron 14. my whole world changed from the moment my oldest was born, I became a mummy! I will be sharing my articles from my blog to share a little piece of my world with you, tips, recipes, arts, books, days out etc Welcome to our world!