Akala ‘Malcolm Said It’ (@akalamusic)
AKALA — Mal­colm Said It. From the new album ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ out
Knowledge Session: Democracy is Hypocrisy By...
Demo­cracy is Hypo­crisy Mal­colm X You don’t scare Negroes today with no badge or no white skin
Has Nicki Minaj Lost Her Looking *SS Mind?
Music is about art, and a lot of the time the art is cri­ti­cised for cross­ing
New Album: ‘Fools Gold’ by Quadir Lateef...
Quadir Lateef, a USA based act­iv­ist and one of the dopest lyr­i­cists of 2013, launched his latest