Interview With The Legendary Boots Riley...

Boots Riley is what we would label a hip-hop legend.  As lead vocal­ist of The Coup and Street Sweep­er Social Club his in-depth meta­phors and… Read more

Interview With The Scribes! (@TheScribes...

Q. What are the most import­ant val­ues as a group you hold that have helped you grow togeth­er? Shaun: On stage we always say we’ve… Read more

Must Read: Dying For Justice

The Insti­tute of Race Rela­tions pub­lished Dying for Justice which gives the back­ground on 509 people (an aver­age of twenty-two per year) from BAME (Black,… Read more

Introducing : @UnitedVibration

 New EP ’ We Nev­er Die’ is Avail­able now! ‘Our sound is cyc­lic. Any lin­ear per­cep­tions of ‘gen­re’ or ‘style’ do it no justice’. Their first… Read more

The Man Behind The Music — An Intervie...

Q. What made you get into hip hop? From a very young I’ve been into music and writ­ing poetry, and in sec­ond­ary school Grime/Garage music was… Read more

Review: ZooNation’s ‘Some Like It Hi...

Hip Hop is more than a music­al gen­re, it’s an artist­ic form of expres­sion found through poetry, music, visu­al arts and dance.  With expres­sion deep… Read more

Sacrifice in Vietnam

50 years ago today Thich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk from the Linh-Mu Pagoda in Hue, Viet­nam, burned him­self to death at a busy inter­sec­tion… Read more

Review: @DJYodaUK at @TheForumHQ

I got the call to pop down to check out Break­fast of Cham­pi­ons at the For­um. I decided to head up to Kentish Town early… Read more

Akala ‘Malcolm Said It’ (@akalamusic)

AKALA — Mal­colm Said It. From the new album ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ ‘The Thieves Ban­quet’ out on Illa State Records now. Click Here for more info.

Poetry: Sista Lyric (@SistaLyric) ‘Ri...

I’ve nev­er done this before, I take on a new role I’m on a roll with try­ing to roll up a sheet of white, filling its… Read more

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New Music: Ibrahim Sincere ‘ZION’

Zion’ is the latest track by Ibrahim Sin­cere, pro­duced by ontheD; the col­lect­ive of artists which includes him­self. This work is for inspir­a­tion­al pur­poses and… Read more