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27 Apr
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soledad brother

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Soledad Brother is a col­lec­tion of Jackson’s let­ters from prison and an out­spoken con­dem­na­tion of racism and white suprem­acy in USA. George Jackson’s story res­on­ates for its por­trait of a man tak­ing a stand even while locked down.

Jackson’s let­ters make palp­able the intense feel­ings of anger and rebel­lion that still fills black men today in USA’s prisons.

Watch a movie based on George Jackson’s life:

Listen to George Jack­son Trib­ute Mix­tape by IMIX­WHAT­ILIKE!




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Spokenword: Better Economy by Caleb Femi (@CalebFemi5)
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Event: #Beinspired by @YPLS_BRENT The Young People’s Law Service
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Get to know Oracy (@ORACYmusic)
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