Psy­cho Les and Junk­yard Ju Ju. Two legends from Queens set to bless the streets of Brix­ton at our Hip Hop Safe Haven, The Chip Shop. If you have bared wit­ness to the euphor­ic atmo­sphere this cap­tiv­at­ing duo presents when they melt micro­phones, then you know how per­fect this choice of ven­ue was. It’s not just the jazzy funk influ­enced spir­it that draws the masses it’s also the love the Beat­nuts show to the people when they reach which is truly a sight to be hold.

 The night began with shear eager­ness to dive into a sym­phony of Hip Hop clas­sics whilst we indulged in Brix­ton cul­ture .We dined at the infam­ous crêpe spot Sen­zala Creper­ie and after a few Happy Hour cock­tails and a deli­cious meal, we made our way embra­cing famil­i­ar faces on route. We approached the line stretched build­ing with jaw drop­ping graf­fiti and jumped on to the sound waves that car­ried us into the ven­ue. Those boom bapy waves where cour­tesy of DJ 210 of Itch FM and Big Teddy Ted who set the table for us to feast on an unfor­get­table even­ing. It’s unavoid­able on occa­sions like this not to embrace Mike and the whole team for bring­ing us yet anoth­er legendary act. The Chip Shop’s Hall of Fame are har­bour­ing more and more heavy­weights and we the people are in awe of the col­lect­ive his­tory being writ­ten in Lon­don.


 Straight out the gate we were happy to see one of our Hip Hop Vet­er­ans in the build­ing with Man like CUROC. Son of Noise was host­ing, an old friend of the magazine and we knew it was jump­ing off. Psy­cho Les was in the back­ground kick­ing back whilst the open­ing line up Kemestry and Par­rlax stepped up to rep­res­ent. Ju Ju would have been in the build­ing but he was beast­ing a vir­us to make sure we got a bul­let­proof per­form­ance. What we can’t over­look of course is the home grown tal­ent nur­tured by The Chip Shop on spe­cial occa­sions like this. Count­less Emcees have brought earth wind and fire to that spot and tonight was no dif­fer­ent. Kemestry’s per­form­ance was a Jager­bomb to the Psyche. His punchy crisp deliv­ery hit hard and cre­ated an ocean of inter­ac­tion between him and the audi­ence. “This guys is sick”, that’s all you heard from those who hadn’t exper­i­enced the tal­ent. There is no doubt there is storm com­ing whenev­er he decides to impact the UK Scene with more mater­i­al.  Par­al­lax was up next and his flow alone made it seem like his vocals were tat­tooed to the beat. Dif­fer­ent vibe and fla­vour to the pre­vi­ous act. This brought to light the vari­ety induced by the venue’s book­ing. Par­al­lax closed it with a track that kept us boun­cing and knock­ing our heads as we jumped on anoth­er con­tinu­ous wave cour­tesy of DJ Shorty’s infam­ous skills. Some­thing we weren’t pre­pared for was an addi­tion­al micro­phone des­troy­er rid­ing the European tour with the world fam­ous, a gen­tle­men called Micro­phone Bless. He gave us that mod­ern boom bap from the Audi­ovOX pro­ject which I highly recom­mend you check out. The albums is hold­ing vets like El Da Sen­sei, Ras Kass and more.


Then came the but­ter­fly in the stom­ach moment. One of the most influ­en­tial tag teams in Hip Hop par­ted the sea of crowds and made there way through. Fol­low­ing a so far out­stand­ing show­case of an even­ing we were primed and ready. Queens was in the build­ing as the cha­ris­mat­ic Ju Ju along­side the cool as ice Psy­cho Les pro­ceeded to pos­i­tion them­selves to rock the mic. Pretty much instantly the audi­ence became pos­sessed by some of the dopest beats the Golden era had to offer with an influx of jazzy lat­in samples over a Boom Bap stam­pede of sounds that had the Chip Shop mov­ing tec­ton­ic plates. The Beat­nuts lived up to their names and went bana­nas over the instru­ment­als with people jump­ing on tables and dirty whin­ing at the front. I must have done a back­flip when ‘Do You Believe’ star­ted spin­ning. Rock­ing the crowd was second nature for the duo high­light­ing how impact­ful they’re genu­ine dis­play of enjoy­ment cap­tiv­ated the people whilst their craft bumped from wall to wall. Word for word we recited the scrip­tures from albums like ‘Music­al Mas­sacre’, ‘Street Level’, Stone Crazy’ and more. So much love cir­cu­lated as the room exploded with smiles and cli­maxed to Jubil­a­tion when clas­sics like ‘Off The Books’, ‘Watch Out Now’ and ‘No Escap­in This’ closed the show. It was a mar­velous sight to be hold in such an intim­ate ven­ue with these Hip Hop icons at arms lengths. That’s just some­thing Chip Shop BXTN have always provided in the last 2 years and the euphor­ia of these new exper­i­ences are still alive and well.


After a world fam­ous per­form­ance that burned thou­sands of cal­or­ies in the room, these Hip Hop cham­pi­ons signed and took pic­tures with every­one. Beat­nuts always show love to the people and every­one got to thank them per­son­ally for a mem­or­able even­ing. As things died down and every­one embraced with there fair wells, I was lucky enough to kick it with Psy­cho les before I made my leave. He spoke to us on the state of Hip Hop and the dif­fer­ent aven­ues and streams avail­able to us. We listened intently and talked for an hour or so with the legend. It was like 3 in the morn­ing when we called it a night as I jumped into the Hip Hop Back In The Day Bat Mobile and burned rub­ber into the Lon­don streets. Have to say The Chip Shop is a place that can make any­one feel right at home. Even Chuck D said “ it was like being in the crib in the base­ment days”. Have to thank Psy­cho Les and Junk­yard Ju Ju for com­ing down, all the oth­er acts and the entire team involved that made the night what it was. There are no two minds about, if the Beat­nuts hit your city again, buy tick­ets and make sure you check the Chip Shop where his­tory is always being made.

Pho­to­graphy by @nadiaotshudi

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Emcee, Radio Host, Journ­al­ist and Hip Hop junkie unwill­ing to go to rehab! Lon­don is my home and if there is a live per­form­ance cham­pi­on­ing the Hip Hop cul­ture, you’ll hear from me on what I think and you’ll prob­ably catch me there doing back­flips amongst Boom Bap sounds. Banging through your radio waves, check me on West­side 89.6 FM on The Hip Hop Back In The Day Show and on Reprezent Radio 107.3 FM on The Big Bang Show with DJ J HART. I’m here to pre­serve the cul­ture, add to it and bring you that UK fla­vour aswell. Fol­low me on @reignofsire.

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Emcee, Radio Host, Journalist and Hip Hop junkie unwilling to go to rehab! London is my home and if there is a live performance championing the Hip Hop culture, you’ll hear from me on what I think and you’ll probably catch me there doing backflips amongst Boom Bap sounds. Banging through your radio waves, check me on Westside 89.6 FM on The Hip Hop Back In The Day Show and on Reprezent Radio 107.3 FM on The Big Bang Show with DJ J HART. I’m here to preserve the culture, add to it and bring you that UK flavour aswell. Follow me on @reignofsire.