WAYZ is a Mex­ic­an-Amer­ic­an Emcee on his way to becom­ing the next big thing! Like oth­er stor­ies of street life, he needed and escape from the chaos and mad­ness that sur­roun­ded him.  With a fas­cin­a­tion for enter­tain­ment, pro­duc­tion, and tele­vi­sion it only made sense he grav­it­ated towards pen and pad. He was a nat­ur­al for put­ting words togeth­er, storytelling, and gra­cing the mic. In the blink of an eye WAYZ was full throttle in the lime­light per­form­ing at acclaimed ven­ues in Miama, Tampa, Ari­zona, and Chica­go.  Break time was only for cre­at­ing con­tinu­al music for fans.

WAYZ latest single “Machine” is bar for bar an intense record.  If you weren’t famil­i­ar with him before, you will be now!  The intens­ity begins the second you press play. There’s no need for an intro because the army stomp­ing cadence blen­ded with club beats curbs listen­ers right into his lyr­ic­al com­bat.  He asserts his con­fid­ence as an emcee that wont’t be ignored in the industry. The prosper­ity of his music is based on a hustle of no sleep, 247 racing mind, and grind­ing until death knocks on his door.  Although WAYZ is open-minded, his remind­er to the game is a simple one, “Can’t pay bills with the next man’s 2 cents.”


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MJ Savino

MJ Savino

MJ is Hip Hop Blog­ger, Pub­li­cist, Book­ing Agent, Act­iv­ist, but fan first and fore­most. “Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the cul­ture”!

About MJ Savino

MJ Savino
MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!