Ascend­ing super­nova, Carla Prata, has been cut­ting a clear path for her­self music­ally through­out the last couple of years, and is look­ing to expand on her incred­ible suc­cess by show­cas­ing a new facet of her artistry with the impress­ive new joint, “Fam­ous”.

Com­ing off the back of an impress­ive COL­ORS Stu­di­os double per­form­ance, show­cas­ing the raunchy “Cer­ti­fied Freak” as well as the seduct­ive “Own­er” rack­ing up over a mil­lion views total, Carla Prata’s latest single “Fam­ous” is yet anoth­er example of her abil­ity to light up any back­drop with her impress­ive and seduct­ive vocals. With Carla’s music often illus­trat­ing themes of pas­sion, play and LGBT empower­ment, “Fam­ous” is yet anoth­er example of this infec­tious style and neces­sary sub­ject mat­ter. Need­less to say Carla is truly in her ele­ment, with her impress­ive ver­sat­il­ity being on full dis­play as she effort­lessly switches between impress­ive rap flows and immacu­late har­mon­ies.

Speak­ing on the inspir­a­tion behind the track, Carla states “Son­ic­ally, Fam­ous sounds like some­thing that isn’t so threat­en­ing, but the state­ment it puts out is that I’m exactly that. From the release of 21:42 to Time For Me and now Fam­ous, I’m becom­ing some­thing that’s hard to dis­miss. I tick all the boxes. There’s a cer­tain ease in which I cre­ated and executed and to me that’s what’s so spe­cial about it. The threat isn’t in how aggress­ive the beat or my flow is, it’s in how effort­lessly I’m spit­ting.

Spend­ing her form­at­ive years between Angola and Por­tugal then mov­ing to Lon­don, UK later on in life, this rich cul­tur­al con­flu­ence shapes her both as a per­son and artist, this can be seen in her explos­ive EP, “ROOTS” which has racked up mil­lions of streams to date. With music run­ning freely through the song­stress’ veins, it is only nat­ur­al that her early exper­i­ences play a huge part in what she cre­ated today.

Now gear­ing up for the year ahead, Carla shows no indic­a­tion of put­ting her foot on the brake any time soon. Sleep on Carla Prata at your per­il.

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Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal

Edit­or / PR Con­sult­ant at No Bounds
Rishma Dhali­w­al has extens­ive exper­i­ence study­ing and work­ing in the music and media industry. Hav­ing writ­ten a thes­is on how Hip Hop acts as a social move­ment, she has spent years research­ing and con­nect­ing with artists who use the art form as a tool for bring­ing a voice to the voice­less. Cur­rently work­ing in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media know­ledge to I am Hip Hop and oth­er pro­jects by No Bounds.

About Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal
Rishma Dhaliwal has extensive experience studying and working in the music and media industry. Having written a thesis on how Hip Hop acts as a social movement, she has spent years researching and connecting with artists who use the art form as a tool for bringing a voice to the voiceless. Currently working in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media knowledge to I am Hip Hop and other projects by No Bounds.