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Trap artist Marselo Betty drops his brand new album ‘Betty Exper­i­ence’, a 15 track self-pro­duced album with 0 col­lab­or­a­tions.

The nat­ur­al pro­gres­sion of the album came to Marselo in a dream, put­ting pen to paper when he woke up he came up with the first single off it ‘LUV u 2 DA Moon’. Draw­ing inspir­a­tion from his daily real life activ­it­ies, the album is a music­al inter­pret­a­tion of his own per­son­al exper­i­ences.

“Lots of these ideas just came from some­where out­er space”

Marselo Betty is on a mis­sion to cre­ate Hip-Hop anthems that bring real stor­ies to life. We catch up with Marselo Betty to find out more.

Tell us a bit about grow­ing up in Fin­land and how that influ­enced the music you make?

I like Fin­land it is a good coun­try to live in. I had great child­hood here. Grow­ing up here does not really influ­ence my music much as I take most of my influ­ence from abroad. But, maybe some Finnish bands have some­thing to do with it because my interest in 70’s rock music.

You said you fell in love with Hip-Hop in your early teens, was there any­thing in par­tic­u­lar or any artists that drew you to the move­ment?

Yes, Tupac Shak­ur was maybe the first that amazed me. Every now and then what i remem­ber was Eminem and Snoop Dogg play­ing on the radio that I recog­nized but it was really Tupac that opened my eyes. I played a lot of GTA V at the time and listened to the radio in the game “west coast clas­sics” there were a lot of songs I liked too.

I listened to lot of those songs on Spo­ti­fy and found Kendrick Lamar. Then, later on moved to Trap music.

Hip-Hop, how import­ant is lyr­i­cism to you? And how do you use your lyr­ics to empower?

To me, the beat is more import­ant. Most of the time if start to listen to par­tic­u­lar songs, it’s because I like the beat and melody. And, I’d rather use bad lyr­ics and good flow than good lyr­ics and bad flow.

Your music fuses Hip-Hop with ele­ments of rock, as a multi-instru­ment­al­ist, do you feel your pro­duc­tion style is defined by exper­i­ment­ing with a vari­ety of genres? How is this brought to life on your records?

I’m still exper­i­ment­ing with that, and I would love to com­bine those two some­how but I haven’t really figured it out yet. I use real instru­ments on my songs some­times, like elec­tric gui­tar. I want to make beau­ti­ful music and not to force those two togeth­er but I’ll try dif­fer­ent things.

Tell us a bit about your new album ‘Betty Exper­i­ence’?

This album was sup­posed to be a 5 song EP but turned out to full length album. None of those ori­gin­al songs made it to the final pro­ject. I really wanted to do a good sound­ing album as I was start­ing to find my style. I did it for 2 years. I was in my ele­ment mak­ing it, and everything is made by me. A lot of the lyr­ics were made on the spot or free-styled. Some, I planned and wrote down. I think great songs come in the moment.

The brass melody for the song ”LUV U 2 DA Moon” came from my dream.

Are there any tracks on the album that are per­son­al favour­ites of yours?

My favour­ites are the first four tracks of the album, I mixed “vibe wit mi”, “mail­man” and “her­mann” to a med­ley.

What have you got com­ing up?

I’m think­ing about a Deluxe to ‘Betty Exper­i­ence’ as I have some leftover songs from it. This year I’m only get­ting star­ted.


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Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal

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Rishma Dhali­w­al has extens­ive exper­i­ence study­ing and work­ing in the music and media industry. Hav­ing writ­ten a thes­is on how Hip Hop acts as a social move­ment, she has spent years research­ing and con­nect­ing with artists who use the art form as a tool for bring­ing a voice to the voice­less. Cur­rently work­ing in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media know­ledge to I am Hip Hop and oth­er pro­jects by No Bounds.

About Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal
Rishma Dhaliwal has extensive experience studying and working in the music and media industry. Having written a thesis on how Hip Hop acts as a social movement, she has spent years researching and connecting with artists who use the art form as a tool for bringing a voice to the voiceless. Currently working in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media knowledge to I am Hip Hop and other projects by No Bounds.