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Emer­ging Hip Hop tal­ent JayQ The Legend just dropped his latest single Body Talk onto all major digit­al plat­forms.  JayQ The Legend is no strange to the scene, in his debut Single, he col­lab­or­ates with Grammy-win­ning hit-maker SOKO7 (“Drunk In Love,” Bey­on­cé fea­tur­ing Jay Z) and the incred­ibly tal­en­ted, up-and-com­ing OBA.

Body Talk is lay­ers of sen­su­al urb­an sound. The track skil­fully blends Jay Q’s rich, deep vocal with a set of power­ful instru­ment­als. His music explores rhythm in a way which induces move­ment, a sound­scape in which you are unable to stand still.

Hail­ing from New Orleans, Former US Mar­ine JayQ The Legend has been sur­roun­ded by a range of music­al influ­ences that are respons­ible for shap­ing his sound into what it is today. He boasts an authen­t­ic style which nev­er fails to cap­ture your atten­tion, wheth­er that be in his res­on­at­ing lyr­ics or smooth melod­ic hooks.

The music we hear today comes from a life-long pas­sion for music, start­ing from his earli­er days per­form­ing in choirs and admir­ing the the­at­ric­al heart of his city. Now, JayQ The Legend is a fiercely, well accom­plished lyr­i­cist pre­pared to break through the bar­ri­ers of this industry.

JayQ The Legend instinct­ively com­mands atten­tion whenev­er he takes the stage, or even hits the loc­al cof­fee shop. His cap­tiv­at­ing live per­form­ance can be caught in a num­ber of loc­a­tions in the upcom­ing months.

Live Dates:

5th June – Midem Beach Stage per­form­ance and yacht release party.

13–15th June New York, City Promo tour

19–23rd June, Los Angeles, Cali­for­nia BOM BET Promo tour

25–26th June, Miami, Flor­ida BOM Promo tour

27–28th June, Hou­s­ton, Texas BOM Promo tour

1–3rd July, Chica­go Promo Tour

NEXT: 10 City BOM Com­edy Jam Tour with Soko, and Tony King

1st August 2019. New Orleans, La.

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Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal

Edit­or / PR Con­sult­ant at No Bounds
Rishma Dhali­w­al has extens­ive exper­i­ence study­ing and work­ing in the music and media industry. Hav­ing writ­ten a thes­is on how Hip Hop acts as a social move­ment, she has spent years research­ing and con­nect­ing with artists who use the art form as a tool for bring­ing a voice to the voice­less. Cur­rently work­ing in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media know­ledge to I am Hip Hop and oth­er pro­jects by No Bounds.

About Rishma Dhaliwal

Rishma Dhaliwal
Rishma Dhaliwal has extensive experience studying and working in the music and media industry. Having written a thesis on how Hip Hop acts as a social movement, she has spent years researching and connecting with artists who use the art form as a tool for bringing a voice to the voiceless. Currently working in TV, Rishma brings her PR and media knowledge to I am Hip Hop and other projects by No Bounds.