Jay Electronica vs Dr. EnQi vs Jay‑Z, reviewed by Raamel Walcott

Let’s dive right in head-first, this will be a song for song com­par­is­on of A Writ­ten Testi­mony vs Sound Becomes Light. The Over­whelm­ing Event vs Mag­net­ism. Mag­net­ism is a super authen­t­ic fan for­ward view of Dr. EnQi dis­cuss­ing Fancy Black Pesos. This gives us an amaz­ingly detailed pic­ture of Dr. EnQi that we nev­er met in the con­scious com­munity. The Over­whelm­ing Event fails to stand up to Mag­net­ism simply because it says noth­ing about Jay Elec­tron­ica, although Far­rakhan is a power­ful speak­er and the music is amaz­ing it’s not as power­ful of an intro­duc­tion as we expec­ted based on the wait. The intro should have addressed the wait.

Ghost of Soulja Slim vs Nature vs Nur­ture! It starts with more Far­rakhan & Jay‑Z mov­ing into Jay Elect with a bar stat­ing “If it come from me and HOV con­sider it Kor­an”… This is, unfor­tu­nately, more of an eclect­ic Jay‑Z song feat Jay Elect than any­thing else hon­estly, so I must deduct points from an oth­er­wise amaz­ing song music­ally and lyr­ic­ally. Nature vs Nur­ture is an amaz­ing entendre filled descrip­tion of Dr. EnQi’s life per­spect­ive of the world and how it came to be, it’s pure art! His voice and the spa­cing on this track from Kaz are some­thing from anoth­er uni­verse.

The Blind­ing vs Yayo! This JZ fea­ture feels like an actu­al fea­ture and Jay Elect shines on this track answer­ing some of our ques­tions regard­ing the long wait and who he has become. The music is awe­some and would have allowed for a sorely needed extra verse to go more in-depth, still awe­some! Yayo is an immacu­lately told com­pel­ling story of Dr. EnQi’s child­hood. Jay Elect may be incap­able of reach­ing this level of intro­spect­ive storytelling that evokes Syn­es­thesia in all who hear it like a jolt to the pineal gland.

The Nev­erend­ing Story vs Power…very power­ful! The son­ic geo­metry of the bass on this song pro­duced by Work Major is pure Hip-Hop, almost like the cement of the Bronx. I just feel a level of authen­ti­city that you get from all the name drop­ping and coat tail rid­ing on A Writ­ten Testi­mony. The world play on Power might even be above Jay-Z’s level, this is an instant top 10 of an all-time song lyr­ic­ally. The Nev­erend­ing Story is loaded with amaz­ing power, but over-shad­owed by one of the best Jay‑Z verses ever, unfor­tu­nately for Jay Elect. Great song but we can­’t over­look the fact that he is get­ting bod­ied on his own track in a very blatant fash­ion.

Shiny Suit The­ory vs the Basqui­at! Finally, a com­pletely mas­ter­ful Jay Elect song com­plete with music that com­pli­ments his out­er worldly God flow. Not even JZ takes away from the syn­ergy of this beat with Jay Elect’s voice and deliv­ery, the samples make this an instant favor­ite for Jay Elect fans world­wide. Dr. EnQi’s voice, lyr­ics, deliv­ery, and expert­ise on said sub­ject mat­ter cata­pult him into pos­sibly the top 3 all-time or the Mt. Rush­more of lyr­i­cists. After listen­ing to this song alone he at least qual­i­fies for the top 5, worst-case scen­ario due to his effort­less double, triple and quad­ruple entendre schemes! Eas­ily the best verse in the last 10 years hands down. RKITECH really laid out the blue­print on this track!

Uni­ver­sal Sol­dier vs Seed Money… Seed Money pro­duced by Spec­trum Gamma Rayz aka Spec­trum Gamz is insane, you lit­er­ally feel the streets of Motown and Detroit alive with blood of the many proph­ets of music and black lead­er­ship in this artist­ic dramat­iz­a­tion of drugs, money & private pris­ons. This is lyr­ic­al mas­tery on a first album like we have nev­er wit­nessed before! Lyr­ic­ally the Uni­ver­sal Sol­dier may be the best song on the album with Jay Elect lay­ing out some of what he has been through, com­bined with a trip through memory lane from the God MC J‑Hova, no words can express the feel­ings from this song! This may go on repeat in many playl­ists.

Flux Capa­cit­or vs Sound Becomes Light, sadly, Jay Elect’s verse does not fit well on this track, how­ever son­ic­ally, the bars are stand­ard ‘God flow’, com­bined with Jay and the pro­duc­tion for clas­sic ear candy. Sound Becomes Light as a song is monu­ment­al and should earn Dr. EnQi a GRAMMY. He lit­er­ally broke down post-grad level elec­tro­mag­net­ism and the music busi­ness in one song in a way no artist or orator has ever been able to do with music or in lec­ture format. This is anoth­er song that takes this man who had a 9 year single out in Angel into a class by him­self.

Fruits of the Spir­it vs Faith in Love. This com­par­is­on may seem odd but what I hear in both songs are two intel­li­gent black fath­ers try­ing to be the best dads they can be and in that space, I will just say these two songs should be spin­ning on all P‑1 sta­tions twice a show.

Ezekiel’s Wheel vs Angel, these two songs are matched head to head based on the sub­ject mat­ter and the deeply melod­ic accouter­ment that accom­pan­ies the heavy lyr­ics and deep voices of these two artists, who dropped sim­il­ar albums at almost the same time. I will give Jay Elect the edge on this one in terms of lyr­ics and word-play how­ever the sub­ject mat­ter goes to Dr. EnQi all day. Dr. EnQi again con­denses the com­plex and cre­ates an adult con­ver­sa­tion that gives his entire album so much replay value.

A.P.I.D.T.A. vs More than M.E./M.E. & Eu. You may say it’s not fair to com­pare 1 song to 2 songs but hon­estly, there’s just so much more on Sound Becomes Light than A Writ­ten Testi­mony. We waited a dec­ade for just 10 songs with no real dress­ing, per­son­al­ity or skits. Music­ally I have to say Silent Riot Dell was mas­ter­ful on the M.E. & Eu track which trans­ports the listen­er to a pleas­ure-cent­ric plan­et in a sim­il­ar vein to A.P.I.D.T.A. how­ever, lyr­ic­ally More than M.E. is an anthem for single fath­ers across the globe, no con­test.

Sound Becomes Light is eas­ily bet­ter than A Writ­ten Testi­mony and sup­plies 1000 times more replay value than any album we have got­ten in recent his­tory. Sound Becomes Light is 15 songs and 6 skits deep but the crazy thing is even the skits are well pro­duced with amaz­ingly Mastered Tracks.

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MJ is Hip Hop Blogger, Publicist, Booking Agent, Activist, but fan first and foremost. "Hip Hop saved my life, it is only right I give back to the culture"!